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How does Sugar Effect a Plant Growth

You may have such questions as Does Sugar Affect Plant Growth and What Is The Effect Of Sugar On Plant Growth,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Happens If We Give Sugar Water to Plants. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Is Sugar Bad for Plants,too. Read more as following:

In this study it states that the plants watered with sugar water grew larger. They fed the plants for 28 days. Then they removed the plant and measured the growth. This does not state that if they grew longer and were continued to be watered with sugar water what the affects would be.

Does sugar affect plant growth?

Sugar dissolved in plant water lowers the osmotic potential of soil water. Soil water normally has a higher osmotic potential than the water inside the plant, so the plant draws water up into itself. If the soil has a lower osmotic pressure, water do... More »

What is the effect of sugar on plant growth?

The effect of sugar on plant growth is that sugar helps a plant grow up to twice its size. Sugar is like a special fertilizer to plants.... More »

What happens if we give sugar water to plants?

When you add sugar to your plant's water supply, it changes the ability of the plants to absorb water. In some instances this is helpful such as when the plants are dying off, but in other cases this will damage the plants when the plant is already f... More »

What Are the effects of sugar on plant growth?

sugar is know in soda which we did a science fair project and the root beer kill the plants so sugar kills plants. sugar kills the plant becuase it's unable to absorb the water from the roots, so the plant stops getting water and dies. I did a scienc... More »

What Effects Plant Growth?

Sun, water and constant care are just a few things that effect plant growth. There have been studies done that show music stimulates growth in plants, classical music being the best.... More »

How does sugar water effect the growth of a plant?

.if a plant recives sugar water over a certain period of time it will slowly die and get an odor , if the plant recives salt water over a certain amount of time it willl just die.... More »


  1. Nur_ich Reply:

    What is their specific role in the germination and growth of pollen tubes?

    I need to fill up the following table

    Substance||General Role||Specific Role
    Sucrose|| ||
    Boron|| ||
    Calcium|| ||

  2. Michael Pequeno Reply:

    i want to start an planted tank but im not sure what i need to get please if you have any tips write them
    i want real plants

  3. Morgan Reply:

    Why are they used in artificial fertilizers? How do they affect crop growth?

    What are the negative effects of nitrogen in mineral fertilizers that is used in farming procedures?
    How does it bad for the environment and people’s health?

    What are some resolutions to the nitrogen problem?

  4. Bianca Reply:
  5. Leah R Reply:

    I started an experiment in which i water some radish plants with water with sugar and i wanted to know what effects this will have and the causes for those effects.

  6. Colebolegooglygooglyhammerhead Reply:

    Ok so I need help for a 7th graders science fair project
    Should I do
    Does sugar affect plant growth(since plants make their own sugar, glucose)
    Does music affect plant growth
    R these except able for 7th grade standards
    And do u have any other ideas that r better if so please list it thank u!

  7. Meggie Reply:

    Out of the above three substances, which one helps the plants to grow better?
    Does any of the above substances kill the plants?

  8. Ash Reply:

    Please explain what happens exactly. I am twelve years old and this is for my 7th grade science fair project.

  9. Faustina Reply:

    How do volcanic eruptions effect the biosphere? Can you give as many examples as you know?

  10. Kris Reply:

    I am doing a science project involving plant growth (to see what effect a solution with yeast, sugar, and water would have on it) and need something that grows at a decent rate. Thank you for your help.

    And please don’t tell me if my experiment is impractical, I would like to find out myself.

  11. Bri Reply:

    im doing a project.. and does sugar or caffine have any effect on plant growth?
    im doing a project.. and does sugar or caffine have any effect on plant growth? keep in mind THIS is a middle school project.. and also im using an energy drink to feed my plant… got any tips??? thanx

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