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Are you supposed to pop a blister?

No, you are supposed to leave it alone and it will heal by itself! again! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Patrick Reply:

    Blisters are common injuries in the outdoors, but if these pop on their own and are not Make sure you leave the roof of the blister attached so it can continue to Source:

  2. Hue Reply:

    I always do and drain the fluid out. But I leave the skin on and put a bandage over it. I find it’s less painful that way. Then when the skin dies a few days later I pull it off.

  3. Tracey Reply:

    That must be an old wives’ tale. There is no reason to wait until the sun goes down to pop a blister. Source:

  4. Tina Reply:

    For most cases, I would suggest leaving the blister alone. Sometimes, though, it becomes quite painful due to the buildup of fluid or blood beneath the hardened skin. If it becomes severely bothersome to the point you just cannot live with … Source:

  5. Lynelle Reply:

    1 Take a large thumb tack or pin and sterilize it by dropping it in a bottle of rubbing alcohol and shake for 30 seconds . 2 Clean the area around the blister with rubbing alcohol or Betadine . 3 Take the tack and create a small incision at… Source:

  6. Sasha Reply:

    I have heard that I shouldn’t because I risk infection. How long before it goes away and is there something I can do?

  7. Suellen Reply:

    Dont pop it cause u might make it worse and it can get infected and leave a bad scar! leave it plus if u pop it clean it well! It should have left by now leave it alone!

  8. Arlinda Reply:

    Are you suppose to pop blisters? Answer It! Can you answer this question? Are you suppose You may already have an account. Click here to

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