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How do you make blood blisters go away?

If the blister pops, the pocket of skin should not be peeled off! The body should be allowed to heal the area on its own schedule! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lizzie Reply:

    cause blisters. If you can prevent a blister from getting infected, it will usually go away within a few days. Try these steps and see if you can get rid of any blisters you might have. How to Care for and Prevent Blood Blisters · How to Get Rid Source:

  2. Shera Reply:

    Resist the temptation to burst the blister, dont peel off the baggy skin, wash area with salt water, pad it with a soft dressing.

  3. Guillermina Reply:

    Most blood blisterswill heal on their own within a few weeks. Don’t puncture the blister. This increases chance for infection. Source:

  4. Willodean Reply:

    They eventually go away. The blood will be absorbed. Source:

  5. Thi Reply:

    Fever blisters are such a pain! Wash the area gently with warm soapy water. Keep a cream or lip balm on the area. Don’t burst the blisters. They should be healed within a few days. Source:

  6. Jocelyn Reply:

    What does it mean to have blood blisters and clear blisters under the tongue?

  7. Ronald Reply:

    you are supposed to just leave it alone and it will go away but you can pop it and it will bleed alot and might get infected and it will hurt

  8. Tamekia Reply:

    When do blood blisters go away without popping them? Improve. In: Health While not your How do i make my pimple go away overnight without popping it?

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