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What is a good chapstick for treating cold sores?

Chapstick cold sore therapy is the new OTC treatment for cold sores and fever blisters provided by this famous brand name! It is designed to help relieve pain and itching while moisturizing the skin! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Idell Reply:

    Anyone who has had a cold sore knows what a curse they are. Over 80% Keep your lips moist with lip balm during the course of treatment, as tea tree oil can be drying to the healthy parts of the mouth. Is Tea Tree Oil Good for Your Face? Source:

  2. Tomeka Reply:

    Dec 15, 2008 Herpecin-L Lip Balm Stick, SPF 30. Apply Herpecin when you feel your lips begin tingling. This balm is known to stop cold sores in their tracks.

  3. Annalee Reply:

    It is rare for babies under the age of six months to have cold sores because of the antibodies passed to them through their mothers. However, it is common for young children to come in contact with the virus that causes cold sores. Cold sor… Source:

  4. Mei Reply:

    Apply ice on your sores. You can also apply tea bags on your cold sores. Apply witch hazel on it directly. You can also apply white vinegar onto the affected area. These methods will provide you relief as well as speed up the healing proces… Source:

  5. Buffy Reply:

    Unfortunately there isn’t alot that can be done to treat cold sores, there are creams that you can buy from the chemist but really its a case of waiting for the virus to heal. Because cold sores are related to the herpes simplex virus it me… Source:

  6. Renate Reply:

    I get cold sores from an, lipsticks, chapstick; herpes? I was wondering if that allergic reaction to lip glosses meant I had herpes. It’s the only time I get cold sores, when

  7. Laurie Reply:

    Hi Kate,It shouldnt take too long but if you want to speed up the process you might want to get some acyclovir (Zovirex) cream from your pharmacy!A couple of little warnings for you though! you say you are using chap stick! that is fine but dont apply it to the cold sore and then across the rest of your lips as you could spread it and as soon as it has gone throw the chap stick away and get a new one!Also if you have been touching the cold sore (remember you may do it without even realising) always wash your hands BEFORE you urinate because you do not want to spread the virus to your genitals!Hope this helps!Love Mel!X

  8. Coletta Reply:

    There is no What is the best treatment for a cold sore? Just put good chap stick on like Burt's bees or some type of medicated chap stick and try not kiss anyone

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