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Are moles cancerous?

Most moles are benign! The only moles that are of medical concern are those that look different than other existing moles! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Daniele Reply:

    How to Spot Cancerous Moles. Most people have moles on their skin and they are entirely harmless; however, abnormal moles can be a sign of skin cancer. Source:

  2. Cecille Reply:

    The question "are moles cancerous?" is more commonly asked more than you think. Cancer is a disease that kills millions of people every day, and a lot of people are concerned especially if they have moles in somewhere part in their body. Th

  3. Janise Reply:

    Skin cancer is caused largely by sun exposure and is the most common form of all cancers. Most people have moles on their skin and they are entirely harmless, however, abnormal moles can be a way to identify signs of skin cancer. This is im… Source:

  4. Laticia Reply:

    If you think you may have a cancerous mole you should visit your personal doctor or dermatologist. Most moles will be nothing to worry about, but if you have been noticing a mole growing in size or deepening in color you will want to have i… Source:

  5. Willie Reply:

    Signs and symptoms of cancerous mole, also called melanoma, have been discussed in my previous article "How to know if your Mole Has Turned Cancerous" (please click on the link below to read it). This article will cover the treatment part. … Source:

  6. Myrl Reply:

    Can moles look cancerous or grow in size but not actually five years more or less be cancerous? ? I’ve had a mole for like, i’m not really sure, and recently I heard a lot abo

  7. Latasha Reply:

    Ask your doctor the might just have remove them surgically

  8. Glinda Reply:

    The bigger the mole the more likely it in a cancerous mole, and also by the shape of a mole. A cancerous mole will be deformed, this doesn't mean it's not a

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