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Can cysts turn in to breast cancer?

No! Cysts do not turn into cancer, there are other factors that contribute to cancer! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Belinda Reply:

    Finding a lump in your breast can bring panic and fear. and nine out of 10 women experience some form of breast abnormality, according to the American Cancer Society. When you feel these types of lumps, the cysts will often move about within your breast. In most cases, fibroadenomas will go away on their own. Source:

  2. Kathe Reply:

    Do cysts lead to cancer? Virtually all breast cysts identified as “simple cysts” by ultrasound are benign and remain so. It is estimated that perhaps 1 in 1,000 cysts may harbor a tumor (not necessarily malignant). These can usually be iden

  3. Janeth Reply:

    90% of Nodules are Benign, meaning they are not cancer. Malignant, (the other 10%), are cancerous. Source:

  4. Verlene Reply:

    Solid lump in the breast may or may not be cancerous. she should see her doctor. Doctor will perform biopsy (fine needle aspiration or needle biopsy) which will be sent to the pathology lab to examine under microscope for definitive diagnos… Source:

  5. Karren Reply:

    Most Breast Cysts are benign, it is a very small chance that the cysts will be cancerous, possible 15%. Thanks! Source:

  6. Alessandra Reply:

    I have benign breast cysts and and some hurt and some they have been biopsed and cancer in my fam I they hurt. there is alot of breast have many lumps and bumps do not and I

  7. Sau Reply:

    Its pretty common for women to have benign cysts in the breast, and often a physician can determine whether it is a non-life-threatening growth by palpation (feeling it) or by ultrasound or other imaging, or by biopsy! Women who regularly drink coffee or other caffeinated beverages often develop fibrous cysts in the breasts! If you are very concerned, you can get a second opinion or ask for further testing! Fibrous cysts dont turn into cancer – but there is a risk that a cancerous tumor could be misdiagnosed as a cyst!

  8. Tess Reply:

    Why does a body with cancer turn green? Can a ovarian cyst turn malignant? Click to Play Does Breast Cancer Commonly Develop into Bone Cancer · Play

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