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Can teenagers get breast cancer?

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  1. Maia Reply:

    How To Do a Breast Self Exam for Teens. The incidence of breast cancer among teenagers is minuscule. In fact, it is so rare that the statistics on breast cancer Source:

  2. Jesse Reply:

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  3. Bree Reply:

    Researchers have learned that mutations in the specific genes can predispose women to these types of cancer. In fact, mutations in just two different genes-BRCA 1 and BRCA2- account for the majority of what scientist term hereditary breast … Source:

  4. Kaycee Reply:

    There is no known definitive cause for breast cancer. Breast cancer is somewhat genetic. Family history, age and gender all may increase chances of breast cancer. Source:

  5. Hester Reply:

    A few symptoms of breast cancer. Most common is a lump that is persistant even after menstruation. For a full list if symptoms go to… Source:

  6. Maricruz Reply:

    Teenagers with breast cancer? I’m doing a science fair project a Young Teenage Life. And i need to interview on How Breast Cancer Affects a teenager with breast cancer, or i n

  7. Dominique Reply:

    Teenagers can get hit by lightning too – but not commonly!The National Weather Service has recorded 3,239 deaths and 9,818 injuries from lightning strikes between 1959 and 1994 in the U!S! Some of these people must have been teens!The youngest case of breast cancer I have seen reported was 22, but Im sure it is possible for a teenage woman to develop a breast carcinoma! It is just very uncommon – probably less common than being hit by lightning!Of course any suspicious lump should be assessed by an experienced doctor, but there is little need for all the panic there seems to be among teens! This question comes up on Yahoo Answers about once a week if not more often!I would like to have a link to a case report that anyone may know about regarding a documented breast carcinoma in a teen age woman! People – as above – often answer this question by saying it can definitely happen! Im sure it could happen! I just would like to see the case documentation! It must be very rare! Breast cancers usually take years to develop and are far more likely in older women!NCI data : http://www!cancer!gov/cancertopics/factsheet/Detection/probability-breast-cancerA womans chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer is:- from age 30 through age 39 1 in 233- from age 40 through age 49 1 in 69- from age 50 through age 59 1 in 38- from age 60 through age 69 1 in 27And from : http://www!imaginis!com/breasthealth/statistics!aspProbability of Developing Breast Cancer Within the Next 10 years – – 1 of 1,985 women may develop breast cancer in their 20s!There is no data that I can find for women under age 20!

  8. Sanora Reply:

    Children can get breast cancers if they inherit mutated genes from their parents. Most important genes that cause familial types of breast cancers are-BRCA1

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