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Can you get breast cancer from having your phone in your bra?

Cell phone and cancer is a myth! The radiation from cell phones emit small amount of radiation! Again 242242! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Love Reply:

    If you have ever seen your friends post this type of status update on Posting a bra color does not do much to actually talk about breast cancer, but if you do post a Make sure to post website information or phone numbers in case people Source:

  2. Vicki Reply:

    Sep 10, 2008 Presumably, you are not talking on your phone when it’s in your bra (oh, the contortions!) All of us who are women might get breast cancer. I just had the other breast removed not due to having the cellphone there lol but

  3. Kathleen Reply:

    As with all cancers that are not visible on the outside of our bodies, the only way to know if you have breast cancer is to be tested. This may involve a mammogram or other types of imaging. It may involve blood tests and or a biopsy being … Source:

  4. Larry Reply:

    As with any cancer, the only way to know for sure you have breast cancer is by doctors running tests on tissue taken from the growth. You can have lumps or growths without them being cancerous. See your doctor right away if you have any con… Source:

  5. Ilana Reply:

    The last stats show that just under 200,000 women have breast cancer. You might be surprise to know that it’s not just women that are getting it, but men as well. Taking care of yourself is important. Source:

  6. Susann Reply:

    does sleeping with a bra on and i kept my bra on and she took her cause breast cancer? ok so i slept over house one night and we at one of my friends were getting into our pjs

  7. Pattie Reply:

    well at this point there is no way to tell for absolute certainty about the phone thing, i mean we all get zapped by all sorts of rays (radio waves, light rays etc!) all the time so its hard to say cell phones rays alone cause cancer, although it is a real possibility! unless your ipod is also an iphone or something you are probably fine! what people think is dangerous about phones is that they emit signals all the time! kind of like how people can get skin cancer from overexposure to the sun, there is a possibility that we could also get cancer from similar phone waves! its not like any electronic emits these waves!ipods just emit sound waves! so if you are scared of those then you shouldnt use the ipod anyway :) so put your ipod wherever you want! personally i dont like putting it down my sports bra b/c then it gets sweaty! maybe try an arm band case?? they sell them at walmart and FYE and best buy and stuff good job being active and working out! :)

  8. Sharlene Reply:

    Some other factors that increase your risk of breast cancer are: Sex: Women are much more likely to get breast cancer than men. Age: the chances of getting

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