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Can you get breast cancer from tanning?

There are no reports of breast cancer developing from tanning! Skin cancer, however, is possible from tanning!! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Willia Reply:

    Taking precautions can help you get the tan you want without the burn. Burns are harmful for your skin and increase your chance of developing skin cancer. This includes your face, breast and rear end, the most common places that burn. Source:

  2. Tonette Reply:

    I cannot, will not believe that someone, ANYONE can post that the bra will prevent you getting cancer in a tanning bed! Maybe not breast cancer and the lump does need checking out by a doctor but and I do mean BUT – the bra will not stop yo

  3. Dann Reply:

    A few symptoms of breast cancer. Most common is a lump that is persistant even after menstruation. For a full list if symptoms go to… Source:

  4. Nyla Reply:

    Breast cancer is one of the oldest known forms of cancer. One of the first descriptions of breast cancer dates back to 1600 BC in Ancient Egypt. Back then there was no cure and the tumors were treated by cauterization. Source:

  5. Yvone Reply:

    There are different treatments for breast cancer. The main treatments that they use are the chemotherapy and the radiation to the area. They also use surgery in some cases. Source:

  6. Malvina Reply:

    Can you get breast cancer from too. and i just started tannign a taning in a tanning? i found a spot underneath bed with a bra on my breast. well its a little lump but i was w

  7. Elli Reply:

    You can easily get skin cancer from a tanning bed, not breast cancer! If you have a lump in your breast go the the Dr! and get it checked out!

  8. Margherita Reply:

    Can you answer these Women's Health questions? they cause breast cancer, I think that is what you meant, if not then you may have learned something new

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