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How can Drugs Affect the Nervous System

You may have such questions as How Does Alcohol Affect the Nervous System and How Does the Nervous System Work,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Does Caffeine Affect the Nervous System. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Parts of the Nervous System,too. Read more as following:

From having education in this field, I can state that drugs affect the nervous system by either de-sensitizing or over sensitizing the nervous system. This change causes an inaccurate response by the nervous system. The use of certain drugs can cause long-term or permanent problems with the nervous system.

How does alcohol affect the nervous system?

Alcohol or ethanol affects the human nervous system by inhibiting signals between the brain, nerve endings and spinal cord. When people drink, their bloodstream absorbs the alcohol and nervous system functions slow down dramatically-this is the "buzz... More »

How does the Nervous System Work?

The nervous system works by millions of nerves that are on one end connected to the surface of your skin, and the other to your brain. When you feel pain, it tells your brain to let you know to check it out.... More »

How does caffeine affect the nervous system?

Caffeine actually affects different tissues in different ways; the most s...... More »

How do Drugs Affect the Nervous System?

The nervous system is composed of all nerve tissues in the body. The functions of nerve tissue are to receive stimuli, transmit stimuli to nervous centers.... More »

How does nicotine affect the nervous system?

The nervous system is one of the most delicate, carefully balanced parts of your body. Most people your age -- including most smokers -- have healthy nervous systems. However, your nervous system is still developing, and therefore it is sensitive to... More »


  1. Alphaphibubbles Reply:

    When I search affects from LSD all I am getting is short term effects. I’m assuming that LSD just affects the brain and/or nervous system, but can anyone confirm this or give me a link that has this information?

  2. Fishingman5267 Reply:

    What are the affects on the baby and how does it affect the child in the long run?

  3. Hailey Reply:

    needs to be 300 words.

    Can someone at least lead me in the 1st few sentences because i cant think of what to put down.

  4. Sara Wayy Or Hannah Love Reply:
  5. Reply:

    i know how it affects your nervous system but who do they affect your brain?

  6. Laila Reply:

    It’s for some biology work and i need to find out how painkillers affect the body and the nervous system

  7. Kodabear And Lexiedoo Reply:

    how would this drug affect the 3 factors that determine blood pressure?


  8. Akash Reply:

    I know that it stimulates the nervous system and the chemicals in the brain and nerves but can anyone elaborate on that, please?

  9. Frenchie The Fry Reply:

    How does heroin affect the nervous system, like memory, mental health etc. And what is the effect? Thank you!

  10. Propilot Reply:

    Now, I need details about how drugs and alcohol affect the nervous system and the liver for a science fair project. It’s urgent. Quickly, please :'(
    Thank you, in advance.

  11. Dorkilious22 Reply:

    Hi I need to know how chemotherapy drugs affect the nervous system. And the side affects caused by them on the nervous system.

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