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How can You Detect Cancer

You may have such questions as What Kinds of Cancer Are Detected from Blood Tests and How Is Lung Cancer Detected,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Is Breast Cancer Detected. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Cancer Detecting Blood Test,too. Read more as following:

There are many tests that detect cancer including mammograms for breast cancer. A colonoscopy is the test for colon cancer. MRI’s and Xrays can show masses that can be biopsied to test for cancer cells. Studies are being done on developing urine and blood test as well.

What kinds of cancer are detected from blood tests

The cancer that were detected through blood tests are blood-related cancers such as leukemia. On the other hand, blood tests are also used to monitor a patient's status from cancer.... More »

How is lung cancer detected?

The major symptoms of lung cancer include wheezing, coughing up blood, persistent cough that does not go away, chest pain and shortness of breath. These symptoms are caused by the presence of the tumor in the lung putting pressure on the chest and ot... More »

How is Breast Cancer Detected?

The best way to detect breast cancer is to have a yearly mammogram. Another good way is to make sure that you do monthly self breast exams. Since you know your body best, you will be able to tell when something is out of the ordinary.... More »

How to detect breast cancer?

1. Stand in front of a mirror, and check for anything unusual. 2. Clasp your hand behind you and press your hand forward. 3. Put your hand on your hip and bend slightly toward the mirror, pulling your elbows and shoulders forward.... More »

How is Cancer Detected?

Depending on what type of cancer is there, most cancers are detected by lab work and x-rays that are ordered by a physician who is trying to find out what is causing certain symptoms.... More »

How to Detect Cancer?

Giving self breast examinations if one is a woman is a must and should be done often. If one is a man the only way to test against cancer is through a doctors visit. The health should be monitored at all times for any dramatic changes in appetite and... More »


  1. Baby Skeletor Says No To Byb’s Reply:

    I have seen adverts on TV for a company called lifescan. How good are these scans, can they detect cancer, too much fat, problems with bones?

  2. Kittycat Reply:

    I wrote a feature article about researches and studies that have been done about dogs being able to detect cancer by smell. I still do not have a title though. What should be the title?

  3. Bethany Reply:

    Im 19, my mum died of breast cancer, I have quiet a family history of cancer. I want to know when should I get a mammogram? are there any other tests I can detect cancer?

  4. Roxanne Warner Reply:

    Can a Vaginal Swab for an STD test detect cervical cancer? Or do they only detect STDs?

  5. Kelsey Peyton Reply:

    as u know early detection of cancer can save your life.
    the best way to detect this is via MRI or PET-CT scans
    which are not 100% neutral to health

    how often do i need to do them to make sure i do not detect cancer at the stage where it’s too late?

  6. Liz Reply:

    You should understand how important it is to detect Cancer at its very earliest stage.

  7. Brie Massacre Reply:

    When i go to college, I want to study cancer and other illnesses to help find cures, and/or create machines or other things that can assist in helping to detect cancers much more easily and early. I have no idea what this field is called that I would have to major. Can anyone help me out?

  8. Yμna Reply:

    as u know early detection of cancer can save your life.
    the best way to detect this is via MRI or PET-CT scans
    which are not 100% neutral to health

    how often do i need to do them to make sure i do not detect cancer at the stage where it’s too late?

  9. Calzrhe Reply:

    -s individual tests to find cancers in certain parts of the body. So, do machines today exist that can detect cancer anywhere in your body all at once. And how often should someone get screened for cancers?

  10. Curious24 Reply:

    I’ve heard that dogs can detect certain cancers in either urine or the breath. But how do they teach them? Like how do they teach them what ‘cancer’ smells like? Or is it just by instinct.

  11. Lhomme32 Reply:

    Just wondering if an ultrasound of the thyroid will detect cancer?

  12. Candice Reply:

    I got a bloood test and urine sample test today and i think i may hae cancer . This blood test was at labcorps and i need to know if it can detect cancer! Please help

  13. Nur_ich Reply:

    Can a blood test miss detecting cancer? If so what is the most reliable way to detect cancer?

  14. Bri Reply:

    I had a CT scan two weeks ago. The results show inflammation in the pancreatic lymph nodes. Now my doctor wants me to go in for a blood marker test which I’m unfamiliar with. Is this test used to detect cancer?

  15. Aiden Reply:

    Health connected questions.
    What is the procedure to detect Cancer?
    What are the general symptoms for cancer?
    Expences to detect Cancer Test? What are the test involved to detect Cancer?

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