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How Chemotherapy Drugs Work

You may have such questions as What Drugs Are Used In Chemotherapy and How Do Chemotherapy Drugs Work,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Are The Risks Of Chemotherapy Drugs. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Names of Chemotherapy Drugs,too. Read more as following:

Chemotherapy drugs work in several different ways. In most instances the chemotherapy drug attacks the cancer cells and destroys the cancer cells. Some chemotherapy drugs induce the good cells to attack the bad cells.

What drugs are used in chemotherapy?

Alkylating Agents. The American Cancer. Society. defines alkylating agents as drugs used in chemotherapy that destroy DNA that causes cancer cells to reproduce. They are used to treat chronic lymphoma, Hodgkin disease, breast, ovarian and lung cancer... More »

How do chemotherapy drugs work?

According to American Cancer Society SEER statistics, over 11 million people are currently fighting cancer somewhere in their bodies. Of those 11 million, only about 65 percent will survive more than five years after diagnosis. In fact, it is estimat... More »

What are the risks of chemotherapy drugs?

Side effects of chemotherapy drugs can be significant. Each drug has different side effects. Ask your doctor about the side effects of the particular drugs you'll receive. Side effects that occur during chemotherapy treatment More common side effects... More »

How do chemotherapy drugs kill cancer cells?

Treatments and Combinations. More than 50 chemotherapy drugs exist to treat cancer, all of which may have bothersome side effects. These side effects, however, may be temporary and typically subside when treatment has ended. Different drugs may be co... More »

What organs metabolize chemotherapy drugs?

B. kidneys and liver.... More »

How many types of chemotherapy drugs are there?

More than 50 chemotherapy drugs are currently available to treat cancer and many more are being tested for their ability to destroy cancer cells.... More »


  1. No Name Reply:

    Cancer patients being treated with chemotherapy drugs designed to destroy rapidly dividing cells are monitored closely for changes in their RBC and WBC counts. Why?

    give me some sources

  2. Ok Reply:

    One very obvious effect of chemotherapy is that people generally lose all of their hair a few weeks after the drugs enter their system. Why do you think chemotherapy drugs cause a person’s hair to fall out?

  3. Lauryn Reply:

    Just wanna know what happens if you take chemotherapy drugs when you don’t have cancer. I DO NOT DO THIS, I heard it in passing and thought it was ridiculous.

  4. Mong Reply:

    Is there some kind of chemical formula for chemotherapy drugs? Like what is in the drug itself?

  5. Esmeralda Flores Reply:

    2. Traditional cancer treatments include surgical removal when possible, radiation and chemotherapy. What is one type of targeted cancer treatment, and why is it potentially superior to traditional chemotherapy drugs?

    this is for bio class

  6. Rebekah Salt Reply:

    I’m doing a report on leukemia and i can’t find any pharmaceutical companies that make chemotherapy drugs.

  7. Sketcher024 Reply:

    Hi I need to know how chemotherapy drugs affect the endocrine system. And the side affects caused by them on the endocrine system.

  8. Jenn Reply:

    Out of curiosity I’m wondering how different chemotherapy drugs are able to target only rapidly dividing cells? I want to know what the mechanism is behind them. I already know they inhibit cell division and stop DNA replication but how do they differentiate between cell types.

  9. 15murad Reply:

    I know the dose for in vivo chemotherapy drugs. But how much is the dose difference between in vivo and in vitro? I need to know a dose for in vitro.
    Thank you !

  10. Ds Reply:

    Hi I need to know how chemotherapy drugs affect the nervous system. And the side affects caused by them on the nervous system.

  11. Somanyquestions Reply:

    Hi I need to know how chemotherapy drugs affect the exocrine system. And the side affects caused by them on the exocrine system.

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