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How Cigarettes Affect Your Body

You may have such questions as How Do Cigarettes Affect The Body and What Parts Of The Body Are Affected By Cigarettes,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Does Cigarettes Affect The Body. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to How Do Cigarettes Affect Your Health,too. Read more as following:

From what I understand, there are several affects that smoking brings to the body. One of the affects is the loss of breath. A second possible side effect is the addiction to nicotine.

How do cigarettes affect the body?

Cigarettes affect your entire body in a negative way. Eight seconds after you inhale cigarette smoke, nicotine (the chief active principle of tobacco) reaches your brain and stimulates pleasure centers. You like the feeling, so you smoke again. Your... More »

What parts of the body are affected by cigarettes?

i think it affects your whole body. You might not notice it, but when you get older it might affect you.... More »

How does cigarettes affect the body?

It turns teeth yellow, hurts breathing, and makes you live shorter.... More »

How Drugs Affect the Body?

All drugs are chemicals and they effect our bodies by interacting with our own natural chemistry. The specific effect vary greatly depending on the drug. Some drugs speed our biological systems up and other slow things down. A drug such as LSD effect... More »

How Alcohol Affects the Body?

Alcohol slows down the central nervous system and blocks some of the messages from the body to the brain. In small amounts, it relaxes the body. In large amounts it can be very dangerous. ... More »

How does Cigarette Smoke Affect Plants?

Cigarette smoke adversely affects people, especially children, old people and pregnant women. It causes cells to grow awry, and makes cancerous cells. For that reason, I am sure it affects all living matter, including plants. For more information, lo... More »


  1. Harsheeta Reply:

    I have heard all the bad side of smoking. I would like to now if the chemicals (nicotine, etc) contained in cigarrettes can affect brain chemistry. I have suffered from depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Is there a relation between smoking and these mental illnesses?

  2. Curious Mind Reply:

    Also, I work out consistently all week.

    How will it affect skin, lung capacity and teeth.

    Honestly, don’t waste my time with ‘just quit since you’re not addicted’.

  3. Royal Jumper Reply:

    I don’t know that Im pregnant thats why I almost drink hard liquor almost everyday. After taking a pregnancy test, i found out that im pregnant and its almost 8 weeks. Im just worried because I almost drink everyday during the time that I dont know that Im pregnant. Can this affect my baby?

  4. Ladylynn Reply:

    Basically I wanted to try smoking to see if it would make me feel better, it didn’t, I just felt really guilty afterwards actually, so I’m done with ciggs.

    But I just wanted to know, have those 3 cigarettes affected my body in any way?

  5. Hamster Reply:

    What are good and bad sides of taking drugs including caffeine cigarettes to amphetamines and cannabis. What are long term effects mental illnesses, etc. And also how they affect the body others around you, your children genetic effects.

    You may give only 1 or 2 each but please answer

  6. Psp Reply:

    I’m just curious. How does it affect the body. Give me the good and the bad ones. Be honest, I want the scientific versions. Thanks.

  7. Layla Reply:

    i was unfortunately dragged into smoking today for the first time. how many cigarettes does it take for your body/lungs to get really bad? i dont plan to smoke everyday though – maybe a few times a month.
    please dont say its bad – i know it is. just answer my question please! thanks!

  8. Emura Reply:

    can your lungs be affected by weed in the way a cigarette affects the lungs? as well can it cause any diseases? I know that its been used for cancer patients, but whats the bad part of it?

  9. Cj Reply:

    i do sports and wanna know will electric cigarettes still affect my lungs for running long distance?

  10. Erica J Reply:

    i should be around a month.
    i know that during the 1st termester its most dangerous to not take care of your body. you think those 6 cigarettes affected anything?

  11. Hannah (dog Lover) Reply:

    Do cigarettes affect the antibiotic cephalexin? i have been taking it for the past week and was wondering if cigarettes and antibiotics affect each other in a really bad way.

  12. Herman Reply:

    I know there are negative effects from smoking, ya, but are there any inherent traits of cigarette smoke that will affect results from lifting weights?

  13. Mustafa Reply:

    I smoke about 10+ cigarettes a day. What will affect in my body for this. If brands help… I smoke Newports and Marlboro Menthol lights. Thanks in advance.

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