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How do Doctors Set Broken Bones

You may have such questions as Why Do Doctors Use Sedation For Setting Broken Bones and What Is The Doctors Term For A Broken Bone,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Doctors Fix Broken Bones. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Doctors Who Accept Medicaid,too. Read more as following:

After the doctor makes sure that the bone is indeed broken and what type of break it is. A simple break he will pull the broken limb along the long axis until it is in place. Then he will immobilize it in a cast.

Why do doctors use sedation for setting broken bones?

Broken bones are extremely painful. Any movement of a broken bone causes terrible pain to the patient. Sedation is a great way to calm the patient, relieve his/her pain and be able to manipulate the bone for setting without resistance from the patien... More »

What is the doctors' term for a broken bone?

The doctor's term for a broken bone is fracture . There are several different forms of bone fractures, which include: Complete fracture, which bone fragments separate completely. Incomplete fracture, in which the two bones are still partially joined.... More »

How doctors fix broken bones?

Doctors stretch the broken bone and put a cast on it then in a few days or weeks it will feel better.... More »


  1. Basil8210 Reply:

    How does someone treat broken or badly bruised ribs? I fell yesterday and my right side is killing me. Feels like stabbing pains on my right side. Plus, I have double vision. Hurts to make any kind of moves. I was incoherent when my hubby woke me up, after I fell.

  2. Lil Monster Reply:

    I broke my leg, and my friends want me to send an email about how to treat a broken leg at home with only home remedies. I need some remedies and pretty fast. They want it done before their trip to Jamaica

  3. Ichee Reply:

    What will a doctor do if your wrist is crooked and the other one isnt?

  4. Anayely Reply:

    The doctor said to leave her in a cage for 6 weeks.

  5. Sawyer Reply:

    I have broken my left arm twice (broke both bones and it was curved). The first time I had a rod inserted into my elbow to straighten it out but it’s removed. The second time I had no surgery just healing time. Can I still become a Marine or am I disqualified?
    I’m 14 and I’m interested in NROTC.

  6. Dominic Reply:

    She has been walking around on it (with a cane) for about 2 months now. What will happen to her if she doesn’t go to a doctor to see about it? What are the consequences of not getting a broken bone looked at properly?

  7. Jordyy Reply:

    My mother thinks she has a broken toe, it is very painful for her to walk on. What should she do to ease the pain?

  8. Live To Ride And Ride To Live Reply:

    I broke my collar bone a long time ago and it didn’t set right and I need to find a doctor that can fix this.

  9. Ryder Reply:

    If you broke your hand from a crushing – literally – blow, what sort of painkillers would a doctor prescribe?
    Also, would they have to take out the bone shards – like, cut your hand open? – or would they just set it?

  10. Sugrooboy Reply:

    I’m talking early 1500’s, Europe. Let’s say a man breaks his arm. Did they use slings, early casts? How did they set them? What would happen if the treatment wasn’t immediate (a few days/week after the incident)? I’ve looked, but I can’t find specific details on this.

  11. Moo Reply:

    I broke the bone that connects the pinkey to the wrist. The doctor set it and placed my hand in a plaster cast. I fell and it feels a little weird. I need to know if you could break that bone again while it’s in a cast.

  12. Jennfer Reply:

    My Doctor gave me an air cast and crutches but said it was fine to take the boot off while sleeping and relaxing, but i thought a broken bone had to be in a 90 degree angle at all times in order to heal correctly?

  13. Kk Reply:

    Hw: ‘Some neanderthal remains show broken bones attempting to be re-set, what might this imply?’ what does it mean that they we trying to be re-set? Fixed?

  14. Masoami Reply:

    I am talking just basic stuff like set broken bones, deliver babies, stuff like in a family practitioners office.

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