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How do You Detect Lung Cancer

You may have such questions as How Is Lung Cancer Detected and What Are Signs Of Lung Cancer,or you may also seek several helpful information about Who Gets Lung Cancer. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to health,too. Read more as following:

From what I understand and have been told, lung cancer is mostly detected through symptoms exhibited by a person. The confirmation can be done through a chest Xray. Blood tests also indicate cancer in the system in certain cases.

How is lung cancer detected?

The major symptoms of lung cancer include wheezing, coughing up blood, persistent cough that does not go away, chest pain and shortness of breath. These symptoms are caused by the presence of the tumor in the lung putting pressure on the chest and ot... More »

What are Signs of Lung Cancer?

Signs for lung cancer can be if you are a smoker your cough intensifies, as well a back pain, and wheezing. Unfortunately before this happens you could have had lung cancer for a while which can have spread before it is detected. For more information... More »

Who Gets Lung Cancer?

Some people get Lung cancer without ever smoking a cigarette in their life. It can be stemmed from your family history. Some causes of lung cancer are: tobacco, marijuana, radon and asbestos.... More »

What is the Definition of Lung Cancer?

There are many different types of cancer that can develop in the lungs. The definition of lung cancer is an uncontrolled growth in a group of cells within the air passages of the lungs which develop into a tumor. There are different types of lung can... More »

When was Lung Cancer Discovered?

Lung Cancer was recognized as such in 1878. Only 1% of cases were recognized as lung cancer. The percentages quickly grew and by 1918 it was 10%. It remains the leading cause of death for men and women. 1 of every 2 men and 1 of every 3 women are dia... More »

What causes lung cancer?

The American Cancer Sociaty estimates that smoking causes 87 percent of lung cancers. Harmful substances called carcinogens in tobacco harm cells in the lungs. After a while, these cells may turn into cancer. The longer a person smokes, and the more... More »


  1. Mikee Reply:

    Or is lung cancer found in a different sort of test, and mammograms only show breast cancer?

  2. Ana Reply:

    Is it because it is sexier to have breast cancer than say, colon cancer or lung cancer?

  3. Cowgirl…<3 Reply:

    What are the major signs and differences between lung cancer vs other benign illnesses like asthma, bronchitis, or an infection?
    I mean like, what are the major differences between Lung cancer and bronchitis, asthma or an infection in the lungs?

  4. Ava Reply:

    I over-heard my mum speaking today, and my gramps has lung cancer. I just want to know on average how long people with lung cancer live, i need to make the most of having him around, im closer to him than anyone else in this world, and i just need time to prepare myself for the worst…

  5. Soccerbaby Reply:

    If someone came to a doctor in the early nineteenth century with blatant symptoms of lung cancer, would they have recognised it? When did doctors discover lung cancer and how to treat it, if they could treat it at all?

  6. Beckers Reply:

    I work in a bar atmosphere, and dont smoke. Im concerened about 2nd hand smoke. Dana Reeves just passed away from lunch cancer, yet she didn’t smoke.

  7. Mia Reply:

    you could detect lung cancer by just looking at some one smoke for a very long time or maybe just maybe by the look on their faces if the look exhausted or other faces that look weird to you you could right away tell if they have lung cancer .

  8. Becky Reply:

    I have back problems and think I will take drogs tilI I die. Will surgery kill me or I will have lung cancer as a passive smoker ? What is the likelihood to die from what I told above?

  9. Charles Reply:

    And what was the history of smoking before that. If smoking tobacco has always been around then why did it take so long to realize it causes lung cancer?

  10. Brittany Little M.d. Reply:

    what is the lung cancer survival rate and from where can I get the details?

  11. Boxinii Reply:

    How long does it take a person to die from lung cancer?? Whats the average life span?

  12. Tuesday P Reply:

    I’m 15.
    I don’t live in a polluted area.
    I smoke marijuana maybe 10 times a year.
    I’ve had 1 drag of a tobacco cigarette.
    I have a bad throat lately, and white, painless bumps on the back of my tongue.

    Lung cancer?

  13. Marie Reply:

    Like can someone have lung cancer for say fifteen years before they detect one noticeable symptom or figure out that something isn’t right, or would one not make it that long before feeling something?

  14. Kelsey Reply:

    Is it possible that a person could have lung cancer for a few months or more, and it NOT show up on an Ultra Sound?

  15. Chris And Shirley Reply:

    What are ways to detect/diagnose lung cancer?

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