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How Long do You have to Smoke to Get Emphysema

You may have such questions as How Does Smoking Cause Emphysema and What Are The Consequences Of Smoking With Emphysema,or you may also seek several helpful information about How May Smoking Lead To Emphysema. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Lung Cancer Signs Symptoms,too. Read more as following:

There’s no set time as to how long you have to smoke before you get emphysema. Someone that smokes for 40 years may never get emphysema, while someone that has smokes for 15 years, might.

How does smoking cause emphysema?

From the very first time smokers light up, they begin to cause damage to their lungs. The longer they smoke, the more damage occurs. This damage eventually becomes irreparable, and can lead to emphysema, which is a chronic lung disease. As the cigare... More »

What are the consequences of smoking with emphysema?

Smoke inhaled can cause damage to the alveolar wall thus more elastase (an enzyme) will be released by the inflammatory cells. Elastase break down protein and cause further damage to the alveolar wall. smoking also reduce the alpha-1-antitrypsin whic... More »

How may smoking lead to emphysema?

What happens is, when the harsh chemicals of the tobacco in cigarettes reach your lungs, the chemicals make the tiny bronchi fall off and make your lungs work much harder than they are supposed to. This can lead to empysema and many other serious hea... More »

How can smoking cause emphysema?

the toxins destroy you lungs and immune system.... More »

Which is the main ingredient of cigarette smoke which causes emphysema and cance...

The most damaging part of cigarette smoke is what we usually call tar, but which technically consists of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.... More »

How many cigarettes smoked per day can cause emphysema or cancer?

As little as one cigarette can cause emphysema or cancer there is no safe number of cigarettes since any number will increase the risk of respiratory problems and the more smoked the higher the chance. Everyone has heard the stories about someones gr... More »


  1. Beardedbaby1377 Reply:

    I was also a smoker but I quite long before I ever got emphysema, per my doctor. I believe, and so does my doctor, that it was the conditions at work for 50 years that led to my getting emphysema. Can I sue my place of work?

  2. Theresa Reply:

    I Smoked 4 cigs two days ago, and i have a job interview in three days, im 16 and i have to take a drug test.. Will nicotine show up on the text? it should be 5 days since i smoke when i take the test. I do not smoke much at all.

  3. Propilot Reply:

    Will just one cigarette before I sing suffice? Or does this only happen when you smoke regularly?

  4. Gul Reply:

    Please include both short term, long term, positive, and negative effects of each!

  5. Calista Reply:

    I don’t smoke pot, but this new friend of mine does. He never smokes around me, but I think whatever I smell in the room is.

  6. Liz Reply:

    He obviously tans and he has a really nasty habit of smoking. How long will you give him before he gets Melanoma and/or Emphysema?

  7. Alli99 Reply:

    I know its different for everyone. for 14 years my parents smoked in the car with me, with the windows up. and constantly in the house. I smoke cigarettes, too. Ive probably smoked a good 350-400 so far. how many cigarettes until i see bad health problems?

  8. Billy Foster Reply:

    Also, is smoking many cigarettes in a short period of time bad for you?

  9. Pepper Reply:

    Or how long do you need to be smoking for until your lungs get very unhealthy?

    I need to know for a project.
    I knwo one cigarette starts the damage, but Im pretty sure only one doesnt completely trash your lungs.

    How many do you need until your lungs start getting really bad?

  10. Dub Reply:

    I want to find out some long term effects of smoking in the respiratory system and I need some help. Any info will be useful.

  11. Whatwho Reply:

    My father is 57 years old, and he’s trying to quit smoking. He has emphysema and high blood pressure. He wants to know if quitting smoking at his age is dangerous, example, if he is more at risk of having a heart attack, etc. And how long the cravings will last.

    Thank you.

  12. Basil8210 Reply:

    Lots of people smoke without getting lung cancer. Plus smoking doesn’t cause other types of cancer. How long can I smoke until I get cancer? I figue I got 10 years of smoking that I can enjoy.
    But all the cool celebs like Jennifer Aniston, Applegate and Swazye smoke. And they are all fine.

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