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How Many People Die a Year Because of Lung Cancer

You may have such questions as What to Expect in the Final Stages of Lung Cancer and How Many People Die From Lung Cancer,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Do You Die From Lung Cancer. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Early Symptoms of Lung Cancer,too. Read more as following:

The amount of people that die each year, because of lung cancer is over 120,000. The main cause of lung cancer is still smoking and is not letting up any time soon.

What To Expect In The Final Stages Of Lung Cancer?

The final stages of lung cancer differ from person to person. There are physical and emotional symptoms that show.... More »

How Many People Die from Lung Cancer?

A whopping three million people die of lung cancer every year. Out of that massive number of ten percent of these people survive to see another day. ... More »

How do You Die from Lung Cancer?

You could die from lung cancer if it is let go before it is detected. The sooner it is detected the sooner treatment can be done. However it all depends on the type of lung cancer you have and other factors are age, how healthy you are and how far it... More »


  1. Wolf Force Reply:

    I’m 15 and next year (or as soon as possible) I’ll be running a race for life i don’t know anybody who had died of breast cancer but my granddad died of lung cancer and i was just wondering if the race for life research is for all cancers or just breast cancer? Cheers!

  2. Melegrace Reply:

    My husband die of lung cancer 3 years ago, how do I overcome the feelings of lossing the love ones?

  3. Kebby Reply:

    My grandmother is about 56 years old, she has advanced stage 3b lung cancer and she’s going to start getting treatment soon. i know no one actually knows when anyone is going to die but please give me a proper estimate.

  4. Hemanth Reply:

    She died exactly 2 years this Saturday from lung cancer and she meant so much to me. I want to do something to honor her. She did so much for me when she was alive she was like my best friend. So what is something I could do to honor her? Thanks for the help in advance!

  5. Laurel Reply:

    I have back problems and think I will take drogs tilI I die. Will surgery kill me or I will have lung cancer as a passive smoker ? What is the likelihood to die from what I told above?

  6. Marbetgirl Reply:

    it’s for a school project and i need to know what the chances are for dying of lung cancer. how likely is it that the patient wont survive?
    well, for you information, Nado Lax, i DID try google which is why i am asking on yahoo.

  7. Viv Reply:

    how can they who and others says that 10 million people die every year due to only from cigarettes..?
    and what are chances me to get lungs cancer or other synderomes due to only smoking..?
    i smoke 15 a day of virginia tobacco gold leaf.
    my age is 20.
    pls tell me in detail.

  8. Hamsterlover Reply:

    My aunt died of lung cancer about a year ago. I didn’t understand how she got lung cancer. She was 5′,6″, she travel a lot, and did not smoke. Can anyone help?

  9. Samanta F Reply:

    Mom said my friend is too young to be dying from lung cancer. (she’s a nurse) she told me that my friend was just playing a bad joke. He said be was going to die in a year, but my mom said the cancer should’ve spread elsewhere as well for it to be that bad.

  10. Travis Reply:

    My Grandfather was a regular smoker, he died some two year back because of lung cancer. I also smoke I want to know that if i havea hing probability to have cancer like that.

  11. Shemal Reply:

    My father died about one year ago from lung cancer can i get social security survivor benefits ?
    im 15 his last son i have a death certificate for him what do i need to do to get it?

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