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How Many People has Cancer Killed

You may have such questions as What Kind of Cancer Did Gregory Hines Have and How Does Cancer Kill,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Does Cancer Kill People. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Lung Cancer,too. Read more as following:

Cancer is a disease that continues to cut through peoples lives around the world and killing people as well. Millions of new cases appear every day involving different type of cancers. 7.6 million people died of cancer in the year of 2007. The number of cancer around the world each day.

How does Cancer Kill You?

Cancer can be fatal by a couple of different ways. The cancerous growth can impair the function of vital organs, leading to organ failure. The growths can also impair blood flow to vital organs which also can also lead to organ failure. If the cancer... More »

How does cancer kill people?

It depends on where the cancer cells are forming if they are in the brain they can interrupt normal brain functions and cause a person to stop breathing. If they are in different areas they can cause infection or organs to die off when they take over... More »

How to kill cancer?

1. Broccoli and cauliflower are cruciferous vegetables known to fight cancer. Eat a healthy diet rich in fresh organic foods proven to kill cancer cells in the body. Vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower contain a component called indole-... More »

How to design a cancer killing virus

One new way to treat individuals with cancer that is being developed is the use of viruses that infect and kill cancer cells while leaving normal cells unharmed. These viruses are known as virotherapeutics. In a new study, David Kirn and col... http:... More »

How does colon cancer kill?

The colon is responsible for assisting the filtering of waste products that the body produces. The colon is the upper part of the large intestine and acts as a last chance stop for the body to remove nutrients, water and salt from the waste products.... More »


  1. Kratos Reply:

    Or can the 15 year old choose to let the cancer kill him/her?

  2. Greeceangel33 Reply:

    I’m just curious. I’ve seen the process with Kemo and stuff but I was wondering how the cancer kills.

  3. Zoe Reply:

    Just curious. I always hear about and have know people who died from skin cancer, but they were going through treatment. How long would it take for skin cancer to kill someone if they had no treatment? I know everyone is different, but what would be an estimate. And what symptoms would they show?

  4. Armand Reply:

    I think I understand how cancer kills if it’s in vital organs, but how does skin cancer or bone cancer kill? I don’t understand how cancer in a non-vital area makes the heart stop.

  5. Black Wolf Reply:

    Can you list any incurable diseases than can kill a person within a couple of months to a year? Do you know any that doesn’t really affect lifestyle until the final months? Can cancer kill teens within a year?

  6. Mahmoud Reply:

    I’m writing a book and I need info about any kind of cancer that kills within three months or can hide until it is in it’s final stages thus killing someone within three months. And it has to be about three to four months.

  7. Joey Leachman Reply:

    I have heard that cancer kills daily the total lives that would be aboard three jumbo jets crashing with no survivors daily. It is the number one killer of Americans…what do you want the new president to do about it?

  8. Penny Reply:

    Cells lose the control to reproduce and then form into a tumor right? I can see how a brain tumor could kill someone but could someone else explain to me how exactly cancer kills someone?

  9. Lauren Evans Reply:

    If someone happens to have cancer but doesnt know and doesn’t get it treated how does cancer kill them. does their immune system get so weak that they can’t fight off infection and die that way…WHAT HAPPENS TO THEIR BODY?

  10. Lacey A Reply:

    My friends mom just passed away due to cancer. He found out a year and a half ago and the doctors said she had 6 months to a year. She lived for 1.5 years. I don’t understand how cancer kills?

    What does it do to a person, how does it end the life? She seemed pretty normal last time I saw her.

  11. Caragh Reply:

    How does bone cancer kill you, do you just end up sleeping all the time and get on so many pain meds that you just die in your sleep? Or could you be walking around one day and just die?

  12. Trueblood Reply:

    How long after experiencing severe bone pain and severe debiliatating fatigue does will cancer kill you? Treatments are stopped, will they just get progressively worse by the day or could it happen before that. None pain can’t be good right

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