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How Many People Suffer from Leukemia Each Year

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Around forty three thousand people will suffer from leukemia this year alone. There are about two hundred and sixty thousand people that are either suffering from or are in remission from leukemia in the United States. About two thirds of those people are men! The average age of diagnosis in adults is around sixty six. Even sadder are the children. You will usually see the diagnosis for them to be between newborns up to the age of fourteen. It averages out that leukemia strikes about ten times more adults than children.Leukemia is cancer of the bone marrow and blood. It makes your body accumulate blood cells, uncontrollably!As far as race and ethnicity goes, the highest amount of leukemia diagnoses will be for those Americans who are white. Specifically, those of European descent. It is lowest among the American Indians and Alaskan natives.Unfortunately, we do not knw what causes Leukemis. It is thought that perhaps high levels of radiation and some cancer therapies might be a cause. but, the plain, ugly truth is we just don’t know. So, our best bet is to aim for remission!

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