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How Much does a Bone Scan Cost

You may have such questions as What Does Arthritis Look like on a Bone Scan and What Is A Bone Scan,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Is A Bone Density Scan. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Price of a Bone Scan,too. Read more as following:

A bone scan will cost a person anywhere from $200 to over $1,000, without insurance, depending on where you are located, and how in depth the scan is.

What does arthritis look like on a bone scan?

A normal reaction to the radioactive tracer shows up as a gray area on the image. The gray is a continual, consistent color and indicates an area that is not ravaged by arthritis or any other disease or fracture. "Hot spots" are darker than gray spot... More »

What is a Bone Scan?

A bone scan is basically a picture of your bone metabolism. The scan will be looked at by a radiologist who will be looking for any evidence of abnormal metabolism on the images.... More »

What is a bone density scan?

Bone Density. A bone density scan is also known as a dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry, or DXA. According to the Stone Canyon Clinic of Southern Utah, there are two different types of bone density scan units. Peripheral DXAs are portable and often fou... More »

What do dark spots on the hands and feet of a bone scan mean?

You should be asking this question to your doctor. It can be a number of possibilities.... More »

What Does a Bone Scan Show?

A bone scan has the ability to scan someone's entire skeleton and see if there are any abnormalities in their bone's metabolism.... More »

How do You Read a Bone Scan?

Reading a bone scan requires specific information. First you must be able to identify what part of the body has been scanned if there is no label on the scan. You will also need to know the orientation (left side/right side) of the scan since it can... More »


  1. Tammy Gibson Reply:

    Im about to be a guinea pig for money. I want to know if anyone has been in one and if there is anything I should be worried about. The trial is for a blood pressure drug.

  2. Gabby Reply:

    If the person giving you an x-ray is an x-ray tech, then what would you call someone giving the mri’s an ct’s, im thinking radiological tech but not sure.., can one obtain this profession with an Asociates Degree in Radiologic Technology?

  3. Rain Reply:

    Thanks guys. I’m trying to get YOKED and want to test now and then again in a few months to see my progress.

  4. Chocolate C Reply:

    What are some good alternatives for diabetes-based foot gangrene if the weak ointment that the doctor gives isn’t working?

  5. One Lost In The Crowd. Reply:

    Not talking about cost, but rather whether an x-ray is in fact better at showing certain things than an MRI would be. Specifically I am concerned about imaging knee injuries/degeneration. If you could point me to some literature, all the better. Thanks for your answers!

  6. Trel Reply:

    How much with a 2 year degree and how much with a 4 year degree DOES it matter?

    Also If you study to be a Radiologic Technology how can you branch out to CT scans and Ultrasounds and Nuclear medicine?

  7. Coal_region_girl Reply:

    How much do they cost, how are they permanently affixed, do they hurt when they are inserted, any other details I should know about? I might get one of them.

  8. Ada Apa Reply:

    I have seen adverts on TV for a company called lifescan. How good are these scans, can they detect cancer, too much fat, problems with bones?

  9. Skyeagle Reply:

    A technetium bone scan, and a set of X-rays of the chest, spine, and sacroiliac joints.

  10. Applepop64 Reply:

    I was recommended to get a bone scan(where they give you an radioactive dye injection then run you through a X-ray machine) by my orthopedist, but since I am self-pay(uninsured) I would like to know where I can get one(lumbar spine region) for a ‘reasonable’ price.

  11. Scorpio Reply:

    Was just wondering if anyone knew how much a bone scan cost? in $NZ?

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