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How Often Should I have a Mammogram

You may have such questions as What Does Breast Cancer Look like on a Mammogram and How Often Should Women Get a Mammogram,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Does a Normal Mammogram Look like. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Best Time of Month for Mammogram,too. Read more as following:

According to the National Cancer Institute women who are in their 40’s should have a mammogram every 1-2 years. If there is a family history of cancer then you should have a mammogram every year.

What does Breast Cancer Look Like on a Mammogram?

On a mammogram breast cancer mass will show up whiter and light. If you have found a lump be sure to see physician. Breast cancer is treatable, early detection it key.... More »

How often should women get a mammogram?

Mammograms should be part of every woman's preventaitve healthcare. No if's, and's, or but's about it. However many women don't know at what to get a mammogram or how often to get one. According ot the National Cancer Institute, women in their 40s an... More »

What does a Normal Mammogram Look Like?

From an esthetic point of view, those mammogram images look like clear marbles in those that are normal. There seems to be a proper balance of light and dark in the x-rays.... More »

How often should a woman of 70 have mammograms?

According to the National Cancer Institute an increase in age is the most vital risk factor in developing breast cancer. The majority of all breast cancer occurs in women who are older than 50 and it increases even more in women who are over the age... More »

How often should women receive a mammogram?

A mammogram should be performed by a gynecologist at least once a year because he or she will know exactly what to feel for. In the meantime, be sure to check fairly often in the shower.... More »

How often should a woman get a mammogram?

We don't do routine mammography on asymptomatic patients under the age of 35. Asymptomatic means you don't have any breast disease signs and a lump. And actually, even if you have a breast lump at the age of 22, most doctor's will orde... More »


  1. Guinea Pig Hamster Reply:

    Other than cancer, what does a bad mammogram mean?

  2. Luvbug! Reply:

    I haven’t been, but I’m only 14. I don’t know any friends that have gone either, so I was wondering at what age people start going and how often? Also, does it hurt when they do anything?

  3. Andrew Reply:

    I breast fed my daughter for 6 months, the milk dryed up fine. It has been 3 years since my milk dryed up and I still have pea and grape size lumps that are often painful. Please help what can cause this?

  4. Respect983 Reply:

    I was wondering women have mammogram and what test is performed for the men.

  5. Deysi Reply:

    Please note, I have history on my mothers side and fathers side of breast cancer. My aunt only recovered a few years ago, and my grandmother, on my fathers side, survived it twice. So when should I have my first mammogram?

  6. Jess Reply:

    I’m 16 at the moment and quite a few people in my extended family have died from breast cancer. Does this put me at a greater risk since my family has a history for breast cancer? At what age should I have my first mammogram?

  7. I Am Onizuka! Reply:

    Okay so my mum never told me she was going for a second mammogram. I heard her on the phone to my Aunty talking about it and she said dont tell Jess.

    So now I’m worried. Is it normal to have a second mammogram? I’m so worried about her and its making me upset.

  8. Jeraco Reply:

    I am only 22 years old. but I have only had 1 mammogram in my life and that was when I turned 18. How often should a woman get a mammogram? Am I too young to get one or should I be getting one done at least once a year? I am just curious that is all.

  9. Hannahgail Reply:

    I went to my dr. today and she has to refer me to someone who can perform a mammogram. She said it usually takes up to 2 weeks to get an appointment for the mammogram, is this normal? I actually feel a huge lump in my breast and im only 20.
    the lump is also really sore
    i live in America btw

  10. Nddork=] Reply:

    My little sister is 13 and she found mysterious lumps on her breasts, now she wants to get a mammogram. I know this will sound absurd but I’m afraid that the doctor may deny her, I just want to make sure it’s safe for her before her and her doc get into it.

  11. Goat Reply:

    I just had my first mammogram friday and they wanted to schedule me in today, for additional views of one of my breasts,and a possible sonogram, should I be worried?

  12. Mizz Piggy Reply:

    This weekend I noticed a bit of bleeding from one of my breasts and to be honest, it feels a bit odd…sensitive might be the best way to describe it. I have a dr. appt for tomorrow but am still wondering, can this often happen from time to time without being anything serious?

  13. Kyla Webb Reply:

    What would be the criteria that would decide how often one should go to their doctor for a check up?
    Once a year? or how long can you stay away rather..without seeming ‘neglectful’?
    Just wondering?

  14. Kaylynn_cullen Reply:

    I had a mammogram & breast ultrasound performed on Tuesday & Wed. I have an appointment with my family doctor next Tuesday. Will she have the results by then? Would they call me in sooner if it’s something serious?

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