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How to Encourage a Cancer Patient

You may have such questions as What Is a Good Gift for a Cancer Patient and How To Encourage A Cancer Patient,or you may also seek several helpful information about What to Say to a Cancer Patient. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Inspirational Quotes for Cancer Patients,too. Read more as following:

Use positive words to encourage a cancer patient. When my neighbor was dying from cancer I would go over and visit with her. I would talk about positive things to encourage her to live.

Whats a good gift for a cancer patient?

If they are having Chemo - a sweater is a good gift. Patients doing Chemo seem to feel cold all the time. A lap-blanket is another gift idea. If not doing Chemo - give them something you know they will enjoy. Do they read? Do they like a certain kind... More »

How to encourage a cancer patient?

1. Offer a helping hand. Between cancer treatments and routine doctor visits, cancer is an exhausting experience. Show your support by offering help where needed, such as babysitting children, cleaning the house, providing transportation to doctor ap... More »

What to Say to a Cancer Patient?

Tell them what you feel. That you are sorry that they are going through something so difficult. That you are there for them in whatever way they may need, even if just to have someone to talk to about it. Don't be afraid to talk about it and use the... More »

What is an example of an encouraging quote for a breast cancer patient?

Cancer I did not give you the right, To invade...... More »

How does Marijuana Help Cancer Patients?

Marijuana is a great drug for cancer patients. It helps to relieve pain. It also helps to stop nausea and increase appetite. This is why many states are starting to approve medical marijuana.... More »

How to rehabilitate cancer patients?

Eating a healthy diet forms the basis of restoring and maintaining good physical health. Eating the right fats, protein, carbohydrates from whole grains, and colorful fruits and vegetables every day helps cancer patients recover. These foods contain... More »


  1. Karen Reply:

    How do you feel about patients with diseases or cancers being diagnosed, and told how long they have left to live?

  2. John Reply:

    I can’t find info anywhere about the effects of cancer on the person and I need to know for some coursework I’m doing. Any help would be great! :)

  3. Raprap Reply:

    My father (suffering from cancer) will now only eat hot dogs. This has been going on for several weeks now. Just wondering how long one can last on only hot dogs with buns and cheese and ketchup. And drinking water of course.

  4. Tilly Reply:

    I would really like to help kids/teens with cancer. I am a teenager and just want to give back. I am a Saint Jude Pal, but I would like to help out more. Penpal would be great, but I prefer e-pal.

  5. Leila Reply:

    What type of cancer is chemotherapy most effective against and the least effective against?

  6. Lyllien Reply:

    Cancer patients being treated with chemotherapy drugs designed to destroy rapidly dividing cells are monitored closely for changes in their RBC and WBC counts. Why?

    give me some sources

  7. Bard Reply:

    serious answers only. cancer specialist or doctors and nurses who had such situation or experienc can answer.

  8. 02bof Reply:

    Describe your experiences working with pediatric cancer patients and disabled children?

  9. Someone Reply:

    Melissa Ethridge has a song about running for a cure … referring to her battle with breast cancer, but even as a brain cancer patient, I find it enoucouraging. What songs speak to you?

  10. Seanie Reply:

    otherwise by people who went against her parents, and she followed them and now she is in a pickle and tired from the cancer? Is this like hitting bottom in drug abuse? Food abuse?

  11. Cammy-kat Reply:

    I beat cancer and still alive.How can I give advise to cancer patients who is hopeless to alive?Just eat vegetables.Trust me.Since 2010 to today I am still alive.

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