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How to Intubate a Patient

You may have such questions as When Do You Intubate Someone and How Long Can a Person Be Intubated,or you may also seek several helpful information about Why Is Tracheal Intubation Difficult In Edentulous Patients. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Intubate a Person,too. Read more as following:

Learning to intubate a patient takes a lot of practice. You will need a laryngoscope as well as a blade tip with a working light. This should only be done by trained professionals, or under supervision if you’re a medical student.

When do you intubate someone

When someone is intubated, a tube is placed down there throat so a machine can breathe for them. This happens when they can't breathe on there own because of lung damage. This could be from a car accident or knife wound or just respiratory failure.... More »

How long can a person be intubated?

Generally the time limit of an endotracheal intubation is around 14 days. Patients can be intubated longer than this, however most physicians prefer to shift the patients ventilation to a tracheostomy. this is primarily to prevent tracheal cartilage... More »

Why is tracheal intubation difficult in edentulous patients?

Tracheal intubation tends to be easier in edentulous patients as you have more room to manipulate your laryngoscope and place your tube. Mask ventilation is harder as the teeth provide structure to the mouth to allow airflow. Without teeth the mouth... More »

Why do you need to insert a nasogastric tube for an intubated patient?

A patient who is intubated cannot eat because of the tube in their throat. A feeding tube in the nose, mouth or stomach allows the doctors to pump food into the patient's stomach.... More »

When a patient is intubated do you go NG or OG?

Neither. An NG tube is a nasal gastric tube which is inserted through the nose extending into the stomach to evacuate the stomach contents. An OG tube goes down the throat into the stomach for the same reason. Now there can be a nasal intubation if t... More »

How does intubation work

A tube is placed into the patient’s trachea and is called intubation. This intubation helps to breathe once the patient is given general anesthesia. To learn more about intubation, visit ... More »


  1. Doglover Reply:

    Would they feel everything?

  2. Sawyer Campbell Reply:

    In practice, how far does an EMT pursue intubation related to tracheas and how far in the hospital?

  3. Barbara Reply:

    My little sister has this sever lung condition and they said if air cant get through she can pass out and die if she dosnt get oxygen right away. Just wondering what the hospital would do to wake her up if this ever happened.

  4. Rebekah Vellekamp Reply:

    My older cousin’s thinking of serving in US Navy after he graduates. Hearing this I just got curious.. What’s the difference between the Navy and the Marine?

  5. Jacket Reply:

    I’m writing a story about a girl who get into a car accident and slips into a coma. I want to know some of the injuries that lead to death after being in a coma for so long. If it is possible, maybe an injury that allows someone to pull the plug?

  6. Hari Reply:

    I saw a movie in which the main character used an oxygen tank while reading. He was perfectly healthy, as I am. I am wondering if you can buy a medical oxygen tank online, and am looking for general information about tanks (how they work, how you fill them, etc.).

    Can someone help me out?

  7. Skyeagle Reply:

    Is it difficult? is it dangerous?

  8. David Davis Reply:

    Do they put them in and remove them while you’re under anesthesia?

  9. Mishi Reply:

    patient call them, since they are not a dr.? so instead of saying dr. adams, what would they say? PA Adams?

  10. Rebbecca Reply:

    I heard of a guy who survived a shooting because some people who knew advanced first aid came and intubated through the nose with a tube he pulled from the bar (!). How do you do that??

  11. Oddity Reply:

    I always see doctors intubating patients, never EMTs or nurses. Does anyone know if in PA it is legal for an EMT to intubate a patient who has stopped breathing? I desperately need an answer quickly for a family member in a coma.

  12. Heyimkimberly Reply:

    …if the proceudre doesnt require the patient to be on their back to access the relevent anatomy.
    The reason I ask this is cos of the low but lethal risk of aspiration during surgery.

  13. Rick Reply:

    I Know the medical reason for oxygentherapy but I want the ethical reasons why you may withhold o2 therapy. If the patient only requires a liter of o2 from a oxygen concentrator. Does this liter going to prolong a person life

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