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How to Take Care of Your Lungs

You may have such questions as Where Are Your Lungs Located and How To Care For Someone With Lung Cancer,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Does Smoking Affect Your Lungs. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to How to Keep Your Lungs Healthy,too. Read more as following:

You can take care of your lungs by maintaining a clean environment and refraining from the use of tobacco. I recommend taking care of your lungs by performing cardiovascular activity on a regular basis. This will help to expand your lungs and improve their performance.

Where are your lungs located?

These respiratory organs are located in the chest of vertebrates; and serves to remove carbon dioxide and provide oxygen to the blood.... More »

How to care for someone with lung cancer?

1. Make a list of questions you have for the patient's doctor. These questions can be as trivial as how to entertain someone with lung cancer to what he or she should be eating to maintain proper physical strength. 2. Be sure all medications are take... More »

How does Smoking Affect Your Lungs?

Smoking affects your lungs in many negative ways. It can cause lung damage. It also causes lung cancer or other diseases. Also, if you are a long term smoker, it will eventually become harder to breath, which is called emphysema.... More »

What happens to your lungs when you smoke?

the tar builds up inside your lungs and you take in less oxyogen :) you eventuly die ! or live a short life. But, this is a different answer from Milky Mountain, umm... basically yh... ur lungs become black and stuff and u breath in less oxygen. and... More »

How to take care of the lungs?

firstly; do not smoke cigarrete, tobacco or anything related to it. let say you smoke 1 pack per day for 20 years. that amount is enough to increase your risk to have a COPD. so dont ever smoke! and if you do, stop smoking.... More »

How to Care for a Patient After Lung Surgery

Assess the patient immediately after surgery. Once the patient comes out of surgery, take his vital signs and inspect the site where he has an inscision for bleeding and intactness. This should be on his chest area. Make sure, the drainage system att... More »


  1. That’s Me Reply:

    I know that a national health care system can work, but can it work without sin taxes? ie. an additional 2 dollar a pack federal tax on cigarettes, soda tax, processed food tax etc?

  2. Bryce W Reply:

    I smoked heavy for many years and looking to get my lungs checked and reviewed. Where would one *ideally* want to go; I don’t want them to miss anything as you can imagine.

    Thanks in advance =) What a great site!

  3. Geckofrog Reply:

    I am writing a thesis about lung cancer and I am supposed to interview 2 oncologists. I am not really interested in my assigned topic and i’m quite contented with the information available in the net. What questions should i include in the interview?

  4. Rashanna Reply:

    What week gestatation will we be most likely not to have to go to special care?

  5. Oliver Reply:

    I want to get a guinea pig and I just want to know everything that you need to take care of a guinea pig. Like cage, bedding, etc.
    Just list what is needed. Thanks!
    do i really need to buy 2 guinea and not just 1?

  6. Addey Reply:

    How much will it cost to care for two rats? Mainly vet-wise, but also for food and bedding? Thanks.
    I was thinking about female fancy rats.

  7. No Name Reply:

    My sister was operated on for lung cancer, the mass removed. Now doctors have discoverd lymph nodes at the top of her lungs and are suggesting radiation or chemo. What will be the results? Could she be cured?

  8. Blummdum Ii Reply:

    If I can hold my doctor off on delivering early, what are the chances of my babies lungs being matured if I am closer to 37 weeks (36 weeks 5 days) What kind of challenges will I face. Will the baby pass the amniocentisis test at this gestational age? Will she at 35 weeks 5 days?

  9. Joo Reply:

    I’ve grown up in a smoke filled house, not only that but also the car exhaust and other air pollutants.

    What can I do to clean my lungs? I know the obvious is to avoid these pollutants, but that’s not very realistic as pollutants are everywhere, but is there a way to clean the lungs?

  10. Mackenzie Rawr Reply:

    I’m looking for information about hospice care for terminal lung cancer patients. I’d like to know about good hospices. Where are they? Which countries have good hospice/palliative care for lung cancer patients? Any specific facilities? Any help would be appreciated.

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