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Is Bladder Cancer Curable

You may have such questions as What Does Bladder Cancer Look like and What Causes Bladder Cancer,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Is Bladder Cancer. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Bladder Cancer Survival Rate,too. Read more as following:

Yes, bladder cancer is curable is it is caught in time and the correct treatment is given. There are sometimes the cancer can be cured with a few doses of radiation. There are other times where surgery is required to remove the cancerous cells. There are many more options available to be able to beat this disease.

What does bladder cancer look like?

Bladder cancer looks much like the other types of cancer. Most of the time it appears as skin colored bumps. As it grows it can have tendril like arms reaching from it to other areas. ... More »

What Causes Bladder Cancer?

There is no exact known cause for bladder cancer. One theory is that certain changes in DNA cause normal bladder cells to mutate and cause cancer.... More »

What is Bladder Cancer?

Cancer is a serious condition where the cells begin to grow abnormally. In bladder cancer the cells begin to grow abnormally in the bladder. ... More »

What are Symptoms of Bladder Cancer?

Symptoms in bladder cancer is swelling in your lower legs, pain in your bones, lower back pain, pain while urinating, blood in your urine and sometimes it can cause weight loss.... More »


  1. Lillie Reply:

    in what cases would it be removed ?

  2. Erik Reply:
  3. Johnny Reply:

    I know a friend who has very bad problems with thier urine being very strong smelling and very dark…..mostly in the morning…Also there is pain after the early morning urine in lower stomache.

  4. Guppymelons Reply:

    I never pissed blood, I’m just curious.

  5. Charlie Reply:

    What do you have to do to get it cure. Tell me what you went through with. If you are cancer free now . Thanks

  6. Barca Reply:

    seek treatment, is that equal to a decision to commit suicide? Do you believe it’s a sin not to fight for survival?

  7. Elizabeth Taylor Reply:

    Yeah, approx. how many people does cancer kill every year?

  8. Katy Reply:
  9. Omg Dogs Rock Reply:

    What is a gallbladder and symptoms
    And appendicitis
    Just wondering..

  10. Bren Reply:

    a-Cancer caught early is often curable.
    b-The tendency to develop some cancers may be hereditary.
    c-Getting a suntan is healthy and does not contribute to the risk of skin cancer.
    d-Tobacco products can cause cancers of the lungs, bladder, and pancreas.

  11. Beth Keeling Reply:

    Like what cancer would a 16 year old mostly get and what kind of cancer would a 60 year old get. Does that matter or can anyone get anything.

  12. Melydelyrox Reply:

    are symptoms the same? Which symptoms go with one and not the other?

  13. Ginger Reply:

    i smoke about 3 ciggarettes a day, what are my chances of cancer? also my grandfather and father have smoked there whole life and never got cancer. How come some people smoke and dont get cancer while others do?

  14. Rosa Adame Reply:

    My friends husband found out that he has bladder cancer I want to find out more infomation on it what happens and whats the procedures, is it curable ?

  15. Hey Jude Reply:

    I just learned my uncle had a MRI done because blood was coming out with his urine. They said “do not count cancer out” now he and I am worried about it. Just finished breast cancer treatment with my wife and know nothing about bladder cancer. Any help would be appreciated.

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