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Is breast cancer at the age of 14 rare?

It is possible, but it would be rather rare! More than likely, the pain is due to hormones and puberty! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Tristan Reply:

    Klinefelter syndrome can cause the male's breasts to become tender to the touch, and it can also increase the odds of breast cancer. Klinefelter Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that occurs when a boy is born with extra x chromosomes. Between the ages of 10 and 14, boys begin experiencing symptoms of puberty. Source:

  2. Carmelina Reply:

    Cancer does affect woman at an early age such as 14. It’s not as rare for woman who are under 40 ( called young survivors ) to be DX with breastcancer.

  3. Cinderella Reply:

    your gay hheheh Source:

  4. Katie Reply:

    Perform monthly breast inspections as taught by your physicians or breast cancer articles. Expand this inspection to focus on the nipple area. If you see a crusting or dry spot on the nipple area, check to see if that area appears to be shr… Source:

  5. Luanna Reply:

    You can get breast cancer at any age. It is more likely to get after the age of 4o years old. Some woman have had breast cancer much younger than that. Source:

  6. Angelica Reply:

    do I have breast cancer and? I have had these symptoms do you have to have cancer and can you get a breast lump to have it at the age 15 Change in size – one breast is smalle

  7. Vallie Reply:

    What youre describing sounds like normal breast development to me! Breasts feel pretty lumpy in the first few years of development, and these lumps are very tender! I think you should talk to your mom about the changes your body is undergoing, because shell be able to better put your mind at ease than anybody here on the internet! If only your aunt has had breast cancer, then you have a very weak family history of breast cancer, which may just be coincidence! If your mom or sister were to get breast cancer then breast cancer would be considered to run in the family!

  8. Angeline Reply:

    But I would be absolutely flabbergasted if you had breast cancer at 14. Can you get breast cancer at the age of 13? Yes, but it is very rare for someone that

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