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Is it bad to go tanning in tanning beds?

Yes! Tanning bed cause skin damage that increases the risk of skin cancer and premature skin aging! It could even be outlawed! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Jenelle Reply:

    How to Finance a Tanning Bed With Bad Credit. Having a tanning bed at your home can save you a significant amount of money in just a few years of use, Source:

  2. Charles Reply:

    Although both doctors are in agreement that they UVA and UVB rays emitted by the bulbs in tanning beds can be as dangerous as the rays of the sun to human skin tissues, those rays do not penetrate far enough into the body to harm a foetus.

  3. Victor Reply:

    To tan effectively in a tanning bed one must make sure to use the proper tanning oils. Some oils aren’t bed friendly and will ruin the bed. One must also always wear protective eye wear. Source:

  4. Dixie Reply:

    It can cause cancer because of the rays. Those rays are almost as powerful as sun rays and in the end you are going to harm yourself just to look good for a while. Source:

  5. Madonna Reply:

    A beautiful tan can make you happy with the way you look. A great tan may cause you to ignore the warnings. According to there are dangers to tanning in a tanning bed that can have long-terms effects on your health. Source:

  6. Eartha Reply:

    isn’t there tanning cream, tanning lotion, tanning spray, tanning beds, the SUN? all of these mechanisms to turn your skin darker (im not racist, i’m just stating facts) but e

  7. Lane Reply:

    natural sun isnt as bad as a tanning bed, but it still kinda is! it damages your skin! it doesnt mean you should like hide indoors, just protect your skin and not tan!

  8. Rosalina Reply:

    Doctors usually recommend for pregnant women to only go 10 minutes at a time in the lowest strength bed. Most tanning salons require a doctors note from

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