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What color is cancer?

Cancerous tumors are often gray or red, depending upon the size and type of tumor! Thanks for ‘ing! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Adam Reply:

    More than a dozen colors of ribbon have been used to represent as many types of cancer. Grey ribbons can be a sign for brain cancer. Yellow ribbons are a symbol for bladder cancer, white ribbons are a symbol for bone cancer, and pearl Source:

  2. Joyce Reply:

    Jun 1, 2008 What Color Is Cancer? Since my dad was diagnosed with cancer, I’ve struggled to make sure that my kids were aware of the situation and

  3. Claribel Reply:

    Constellations aren’t a particular color. They are imaginary diagrams thought up by people looking at patterns of stars – different cultures see different patterns. The stars that make up the constellations do contain hints of color though…. Source:

  4. Tran Reply:

    teal and white Source:

  5. Crysta Reply:

    More than a dozen colors of ribbon have been used to represent as many types of cancer. Many colors are symbols for a number of other diseases and causes as well, but a few stand only for types of cancer or are used primarily for this issue… Source:

  6. Jeanette Reply:

    my dog puked liver color or maroon or (black grapes color) that looks like cancer blood and had blood clot type too! WHat can it Be? and the puke smells bad of stuff what is i

  7. Vilma Reply:

    I think you should just do the generic purple ribbons, just because you dont know the primary site of the cancer! Im sure shell love it, thats such a sweet thing to do! Stay strong for your grandma and God bless you all!

  8. Ernestina Reply:

    Grey – Brain cancer. Pink – Breast cancer. White – Cervical cancer Gray. What color is the spinal cancer ribbon? The color of the spinal cancer ribbon is orange.

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