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What does it mean if everytime you take a deep breath your heart hurts?

Chest pain that occurs when you take a deep breath may or may not be related to your heart! Some possible causes are: Acute Pulmonary Edema, Bronchial Narrowing, Haemoptysis, Lung Cancer, and Lung Collapse! Please see your doctor if symptoms persist! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Tiffany Reply:

    I have this same problem its off and on im only 12 I got out of the hospital yesterday because I chocked im still having pain in my throat because they did a scope

  2. Magaly Reply:

    If you suspect that you have bruised ribs, you should consult your physician should consult your physician immediately so that you do not cause greater damage or pain pain with every breath because your ribs move every time you breathe. ribs can seriously injure your lungs and heart if you do not take care of them. Source:

  3. Mozell Reply:

    You may not know what is causing your chest pain until you are seen at a hospital or clinic. Only a medical caregiver can say for sure if your chest pain is caused by a heart problem or not. Bring this with you every time you see your caregiver. Does coughing, bending over, or taking a deep breath make it worse ?

  4. Jacqueline Reply:

    It means go to the doctor right away. Source:

  5. Geneva Reply:

    Highly doubtful this is your heart. Pectoral Angina is usually not intermittent stabbing pain, especially in ‘younger’ patients. I would venture to guess this is closer to PCS (Pre-cordial Catch Syndrome) If you care to research it. I am as… Source:

  6. Mazie Reply:

    This kind of exercise will help you to get oxygen into your brain as well as your heart. Oxygen is very important to our bodies as well as regular exercise. Make sure you are alone in a nice comfortable and quiet room, to be able to concent… Source:

  7. Lanora Reply:

    Heart/chest hurts when I take a deep breath? I KNOW this has been and have had this since asked before, but i am 13 tomorrow i was 11. I remember the first time i got it, i br

  8. Sheryll Reply:

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  9. Leonore Reply:

    When i had a lower back pain it was like every time i take a deep breath it would be like a sharp pain. Why does your back hurt when you take a deep breath?

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