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What is radiation therapy for breast cancer like?

The most common side effects of radiation therapy are tiredness, skin reactions (rash, redness, scarring) in the treated area, and loss of appetite! Radiation therapy can cause inflammation of tissues and organs in and around the body site radiated! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Mammie Reply:

    Radiation therapy is a useful tool for treating breast cancer and many other forms radiation therapy include fatigue and a red rash that is similar to a sunburn in Source:

  2. Lillian Reply:

    Apr 27, 2011 breast cancer treatment and stages. Radiation Therapy: How radiation therapy works, who it’s for, advantages, side effects, and what to

  3. Candace Reply:

    Radiation therapy is usually given to treat breast cancer after a lumpectomy and sometimes after a mastectomy to reduce your risk of the cancer returning in that breast. The radiation treatments generally start several weeks after the surge… Source:

  4. Stephine Reply:

    Not medical advice: The most common type of radiation therapy used on patients with breast cancer is called external beam radiation. Source:

  5. Traci Reply:

    Be aware that many people have emotional, visceral reactions to the word ‘radiation.’ Although it can be harmful in large doses, small, controlled doses can kill malignant cancer cells. Be aware that radiation can result in such side effect… Source:

  6. Minh Reply:

    How tired did you get after radiation therapy for breast cancer?

  7. Albertine Reply:

    If you feel uncomfortable about this, wait the few days until her regular doc gets back! But understand that she is now in the hands not of her regular doc, nor the surgeon, but of the radiologist! So, in your place, Id direct my concerns to the radiology department of the hospital in which she is going to be treated!Remember as well that no radiation is done until the initial incisions are healed!

  8. Allie Reply:

    Breast cancer, like other cancers, occurs because of an interaction between the .. Radiation therapy can be delivered as external beam radiotherapy or as

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