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What is the chance that I will get cancer my mom had cancer my daddy has cancer?

The chances of you getting cancer if both parents have had it depends on the type of cancer they had! If your mom had cervical or breast cancer and you are a woman, your risk is slightly higher than other women! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Britt Reply:

    When a partner is being treated for cancer using chemotherapy, building a should not try to conceive during treatment; at least six months should pass If your husband has started chemotherapy and there is no chance to collect Can we try for a baby while my husband is having 5FU? So, you're going to be a dad. Source:

  2. Carleen Reply:

    Dec 29, 2011 21, 2011, the teen mom died from the brain tumor that she had been fighting for more than a year. The baby’s father, Jenni’s boyfriend, Nathan Wittman, will take care he has seen mothers who are either on cancer treatment or have . I would give my life for my kids I have 2 boys and the first thing I told

  3. Hermila Reply:

    Cancer is rarely hereditary; fewer than 10% of all caner cases are hereditary, and cancer diagnosed after the age of 50 is even less likely to be hereditary. There isn’t a general ‘cancer gene’, and you don’t inherit a general tendency to g… Source:

  4. Annetta Reply:

    Susan Sarandon played Jackie Harrison who was the mother in the 1998 movie The Step mom. Source:'s-name-that-had-cancer-on-the-step-mom

  5. Gerri Reply:

    Your mom’s sister having cervical cancer has no relevance to you getting cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is caused by a sexually transmitted virus called HPV. This is a very common virus (infecting roughly 40% of women under 30) and can be… Source:'s_sister_had_it

  6. Catharine Reply:

    Girl that lies about having cancer cancer? This is NOT A JOKE, mom having cancer, dead twin brother that had! this is serious…So my best friend was dating this girl. She was

  7. Dayna Reply:

    You really should talk to your mom! Its OK to tell her you were hurt that she gave away the sailboat! You might be surprised to find out that it hurt her every day to look at it! I will bet your mom misses your dad very much, and always will! Any new man in her life will NEVER replace your dad! Ever! But what she is doing now is very healthy, and its very normal! If you can take yourself out of the situation for a minute and really think about what it is you want for your mom, and what your mom might want for herself, maybe you will see things a different way! Although your mom has been kept busy for the past year and a half, shes been alone in a way that she probably didnt anticipate for herself! Being lonely is hard enough, but when you are simultaneously grieving the premature loss of a spouse, wow, that must be devastating! If your mom is willing to try moving on, its a healthy sign that she doesnt want to feel lonely and devastated anymore! Your dad would probably want her to try to find more happiness in her life now that hes no longer around to provide that for her! Honestly, that is true love if you ask me: That your dad would want her to be happy!

  8. Sherry Reply:

    Your family should ask the surgeon what procedures would be the most effective in and I know how that feels, because my uncle had prostate cancer himelf, but it was therapy. so the chances are very good that if they get the cancer in the early stages, it can My dad has prostrate cancer which has spread to the bones .

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