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Where do Most Breast Lumps Occur

You may have such questions as What Does a Malignant Breast Lump Feel like and What Kind of Lump Is a Breast Cancer,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Does Breast Cancer Feel like. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Types of Breast Lumps Genetic,too. Read more as following:

Most fibrocystic breast lumps are found in the upper area of the breasts near the armpits. These do not necessarily indicate cancer though as there are benign lumps that form from hormone changes.

What kind of lumps do you get if you have breast cancer?

Elle - Welcome to Answers. Relax a bit. Benign breast lumps are in the majority, especially in the teen years. The many breast cancer lumps I've examined have been mainly very hard and feel and cut like an unripe pear center. Commonly, normal breast... More »

What does Breast Cancer Feel Like?

Breast cancer lumps will usually feel like hard masses, that are irregular in shape and that do not move. Any lum in the breast should be examined though.... More »

How Fast does Breast Cancer Grow?

It depends on the type of breast cancer you have. Some cancers are very slow growing while others are very aggressive and grow and spread quickly. Either way, see your doctor and do the treatments as recommended. Early detection is the key!... More »


  1. Nekomimimode Reply:

    I am a 14 year old male and I have recently found a lump under my left nipple. It is tender and can hurt when I touch it. Does anybody know what it is?

  2. Natalie Landsberg Reply:

    I know you can feel a lump in your breast. But are there any other symptoms that occur that can tell you, you have it?

  3. Ambs Reply:

    im thirteen and breats cancer runs in my family. i was just wondering if i can get breast cancer now, and what the symptoms are.

  4. Karo Miyuki Reply:

    I am 14, soon to be 15 and I have a little bump, pimple (I Don’t Know What It Is) right below my left breast…It goes away and then it comes back after awhile. I’m afraid to find out what it is…But I do want to know. Does anyone know what it means, or what it is? Please reply!

  5. Horselover Reply:

    Recently both my breasts have been hurting. Is this just from breast development or could it be something worse?

  6. Kelly Reply:

    I know Breast cancer can happen to anyone at any age , but is it common for girls at the age of 14?

  7. Maurice Reply:

    If so what are the lumps and should they hurt? Should I be concerned or visit with a doctor?

  8. Cheya Reply:

    I have a lump behind my left nipple. I’ve had for quite some time now. Im 15. The left side of my chest a little bigger than the right. Sometimes it hurts and starts feeling weird. Im not overweight. What could this be?

  9. Masoami Reply:

    How long will I need to rest after having an excisional biopsy? My surgery is set for this Thursday at 9 am. I am having a fibroadenoma removed from my right breast that is 2.3 cm. The surgeon’s office said about 2 days. I have Thursday-Sunday off work. Will that be enough time?

  10. Shahaab Iqbal Reply:

    I’m only 28, but two of my doctors told me I should be doing a self breast exam every month. I feel I’m too young to be worrying about that. I didn’t think I needed to worry about that until around 40 years old. But what do you think and what age do you recommend?

  11. Keena Williams Reply:

    I have pain in my breast if i touch them on certain areas. and if i do have breast cancer what can and can’t i do?

  12. Eilish Reply:

    My breast and nipples have been sore for a couple weeks now. I am neither sexually active, on the pill and I’ve been having these pains way before I’m supposed start my period
    Also I’m 19.

  13. Lauren Reply:

    I can’t find any information on what other types of breast cancer symptoms there are other than the obvious, breast lumps, discharge, changes in physical appearance etc. Anyone have any other symptoms associated with cancer?

  14. Rarisa Reply:

    What would they be and what is done about other kinds of lumps? Are there other common causes for breast lumps?

  15. Im2sxc Reply:

    Could you tell me where in the breast the lumps occur, what they feel like, etc.?
    What are some other symptoms of breast cancer? Are hair loss and tremors some symptoms?
    At what age can you get breast cancer?
    Any other info I should know?

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