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Where is Red Bone Marrow Located

You may have such questions as Where Is Bone Marrow in the Human Body and Where Is Bone Marrow Found,or you may also seek several helpful information about What’s the Main Function of Bone Marrow. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Difference between Red and Yellow Bone Marrow,too. Read more as following:

Red bone marrow is located in the bones of the body, but it is always near the joints. However, red bone marrow may not be in every joint in the body.

Where is the bone marrow found in the human body is it elbow or near about spina...

Elbow.... More »

Where is Bone Marrow Found?

Bone marrow is located in a cavity inside long bones. Bone marrow is crucial in producing white and red blood cells and in storing fat that may be needed by the body.... More »

What is the main function of bone marrow?

If you talking about red bone marrow then its function is to from blood cells. Yellow marrow is just fat that is stored in the bone.... More »

Do all bones have real bone marrow?

no... More »

What is Red Bone Marrow?

Human bone marrow can either be red or yellow. Red bone marrow contains stem cells, progenitor cells, percursor cells and other functional blood cells.... More »

Where is Bone Marrow Located?

Bone marrow is the substance that is found in the center of our bones. When you eat some chicken, break a bone open. You will see a darker course looking center, that is the marrow of the chicken bone. Just like ours.... More »


  1. Bryan Reply:

    how do the endocrine and the immune system work together?
    and while i am asking, i have another question
    how do the endocrine and circulatory system work together?

  2. Barrelracer0997 Reply:

    Please help me!
    Actually, I have a different question now, what are at least 2-3 organelles that make up a stem cell?

  3. Rayn Reply:

    What are the organs, what are their functions, and how does the immune system maintain homeostasis?

  4. Bobjoefredsky Reply:

    Describe the action of aldosterone, epinephrine and erythropoetin on blood pressure. Can you include which of the 4 regulators of blood pressure are effected by each of these and what happens to blood pressure (up or down)? You will get 11points if you can do all of these things!

  5. Lillian Reply:

    They are behind kidneys and they are also in a pair like kidneys. I was told this by a doctor but he was Ukrainian and he didn’t know the word for it in English.

  6. Applepop64 Reply:
  7. Mysterimusicluva Reply:

    Where is the Merk Manual cell located and the Red Blood Cell located and also the White Blood Cell located ? I need to know this please

  8. Tasha Reply:

    sorry if this seems like a stupid question but where are they located? are they just in your blood?

  9. Hl Reply:

    Where is it located?

  10. Kk Reply:

    inside of a long bone ?
    Advatages of spongy bone in the long bone ?

  11. Amber Mabery Reply:

    The Impression on my MRI results states :Probable bone marrow infarcts in the distal femur. Small joint effusion.Tear of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus. what is this in plain english?

  12. Ericca Kirao Reply:

    ‘DKMS’ and ‘Be The Match’ are both bone marrow donor registry what’s the difference between them?
    I want to know because when I turn 18 in less than two weeks i will, get into a registry, but I didn’t know there was more than one.

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