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Who is the Inventor of Chemotherapy

You may have such questions as How Does Chemotherapy Work and Who Discovered Chemotherapy,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Is the Average Cost of Chemotherapy. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to History of Chemotherapy,too. Read more as following:

Dr. Jane Cooke Wright is the inventor of chemotherapy. Because of her, millions lived longer lives that would have otherwise not survived cancer. She developed this at the New York Medical School.

How does Chemotherapy Work?

Chemotherapy works by stopping the growth of cancer cells. Cancer cells grow and divide very quickly and can harm healthy cell. Chemotherapy does have side effects.... More »

Who discovered chemotherapy?

The U. S. Department of Defense recruited pharmacologists Louis S. Goodman and Alfred Gilman to investigate mustard gas to treat cancer. The results of their research studies were successful. Sidney Faber, a Harvard pathologist, did further studies a... More »

What is the average cost of chemotherapy?

Cost of chemotherapy using inexpensive therapy is around $100 to $300 while ...... More »

Who Invented Chemotherapy?

Many researchers and scientist all joined in to discover chemotherapy. The most noted were George Hitchings and Gertrude Elion. Further research concluded that cancer could be treated with radiation. ... More »


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