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Who Pioneered Kidney Transplant Surgery

You may have such questions as How Is a Kidney Transplant Performed and What Happens during a Kidney Transplant,or you may also seek several helpful information about Why Is a Kidney Transplant Necessary. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Life after Kidney Transplant,too. Read more as following:

The pioneer of kidney transplant surgery was Dr John T. Merrill of Harvard Medical College. He performed the first successful kidney transplant in 1956.

How many kidney transplants does a surgeon perform daily?

I'd bet that a transplant surgeon only does one daily. They're pretty intense cases.... More »

What happen during a kidney transplant?

This is a patient's guide to transplant and covers all phases - preoperative, perioperative and postoperative. ... More »

Why is a Kidney Transplant Necessary?

A kidney transplant would be necessary when a person's kidneys have stopped functioning. A person may go into kidney failure if they have diabetes, cancer, dehydration, or side effects from certain medications. htt... More »


  1. Michaelangelo Reply:

    She has crossed 2 stage..
    she got operated and chemos are going on…what is her life span..will she lead a long life or it is true that cancerous patients have short life.

  2. Kratos Reply:

    Include, How you felt before the transplant, How you had the both transplants? Did you recover well?
    How you feel now please Include Contact Information about you and the hospital from where you had both transplants. Thanks

  3. Gangsterjoe Reply:

    Also, any natural/holistic tips are welcome. My friend recently had a bone marrow transplant. Not out of the water yet. Just want to know how to prepare food and what to and what not do feed him.


  4. Zak Reply:

    I have recently finished treatment for bone cancer, and i think i should probably change my eating, habits, what kind of specific foods should i eat?

  5. Bri Reply:

    What major breakthroughs have there been and how many people survive cancer? How long until a cure?

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