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Why does Chemotherapy Make You Lose Your Hair

You may have such questions as Why Do People Lose Their Hair During Chemotherapy and Why Do People Lose Hair When Undergoing Chemotherapy,or you may also seek several helpful information about Why Does A Person Lose Their Hair During Chemotherapy Treatment. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Hair Loss Due to Chemotherapy,too. Read more as following:

Chemotherapy makes you lose your hair because its job is to enter the body system and destroys the hair cells and other cells as well. The destined target is the cancer cells.

Why do people lose their hair during chemotherapy?

Understanding the effect of chemotherapy on hair follicles requires an understanding of cell reproduction. Each cell in the body serves its own specific function, as determined by its DNA. When a cell reproduces, it makes a copy of itself, and then s... More »

Why do people lose hair when undergoing chemotherapy?

Rapid growth is characteristic of cancer cells. Chemotherapy kills cancer by targeting rapidly growing cells. However, some normal healthy cells also grow rapidly, including those of the stomach, the lining of the mouth and hair follicles. Because th... More »

Why does a person lose their hair during chemotherapy treatment?

Chemotherapy hair loss is called Alopecia. Drugs which are used during chemotherapy are very powerful that directly attack cancerous cell. The problem is that healthy, normal cells get killed, too. Hair follicles are vulnerable cells that tend to die... More »

How to regrow hair after chemotherapy?

1. Wait. Hair takes anywhere from two weeks to three months to grow back after chemotherapy ends. The first hair to fall out is usually the first to grow back, so the hair on your scalp will probably reappear before eyebrows and eyelashes grow back.... More »

What are the treatments for chemotherapy hair loss?

Hair loss typically will be noticed within 14 days of starting chemotherapy. Specific chemotherapy treatments will determine the amount of hair that will fall out as well as how quickly that will occur. Hair loss will continue throughout chemotherapy... More »

How to deal with chemotherapy hair loss?

1. Visit your hairstylist. She may suggest a shorter haircut, as shorter hair has more body (although if you want a wig made from your natural hair, keep it long. See Step 2). If you get a haircut, save a lock of hair for a color reference. 2. Buy a... More »


  1. Wes T Reply:

    I am working on a project for locks of love. I would like to know on average, how long a cancer patient that has endured chemotherapy will be bald. This means from the start of chemo when they first lose their hair, to when they finish and hair is grown back at a comfortable length?

  2. Frank Reply:

    Im shaving my head, because a friend of my lost her hair from chemotherapy. I have thin curly hair. Thats been dyed about 9 times. Bleached twice. How long will it take to grow back? +10 for anyone with a good answer. Thanks.

  3. Enlightened One Reply:

    My friend just went through chemotherapy and she has lost all of her hair. She is not looking to wear wigs, but rather scarfs and non-tacky hats. If there is anyone that has had cancer and experienced this or knows of some websites that give advice, I’d love to hear from you.

  4. Hayley Reply:

    Also is it just women that lose their hair or men too?

  5. Sophie Gillies Reply:

    I just started chemotherapy and lost all my hair and looking forward to have a better hair texture when it grow back

  6. Nathan M Reply:

    If you had some statistics maybe of how many lose their hair. Or does it always happen? Also someone told me that guys don’t lose hair as easily as girls. Is that true or just and urban myth?

  7. Ooooo Reply:

    Simple: Does every type of cancer include losing hair? Or is that just Chemo? I’ve been wondering this for awhile.
    If there is, what are the names of them?

  8. Dale Reply:

    I just started chemotherapy and lost all my hair I wish it grow better does there is any advice.

  9. Mlefev Reply:

    So if you have cancer and don’t do chemotherapy do you still lose your hair? or is it lost because you begin chemotherapy?

  10. Zalika Reply:

    After the chemotherapy treatment, people can lose their hair.

  11. Galaxxii Reply:

    My wife had beautiful long hair. And ever since she started chemotherapy, she lost all her hair. Now she is bald and looks like a man lol. Since I cant stand to look at her face anymore, should I dump her or is there a way for her hair to grow back?

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