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Will there be a cure for cancer?

Cancer specialists say rather than finding a cure, a more realistic hope is certain fatal cancers will be like chronic illnesses! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Angelika Reply:

    Is There a Cure for Lung Cancer? Whenever a patient undergoes surgery for lung cancer, the doctor will remove some lymph nodes for the laboratory to Source:

  2. Virgie Reply:

    We wont find a cure for cancer People often ask, "When will we find a cure for cancer?" The answer is we wont. The same as we wont find a cure for infection. Infections are hundreds of different diseases put under the heading "infectio

  3. Janene Reply:

    Facebook allows you to discover organizations, charities and foundations through the pages feature. If you want to join a walk to cure cancer to help raise money, you can "like" the page of the organization. When you like the organization’s… Source:

  4. Otilia Reply:

    Gosh, it would be wonderful, and save so many lives, if there was a cure for cancer. At the present time, there are only treatments for cancer but not a cure. Scientists are working very hard for a cure and hopefully one day there will be o… Source:

  5. Roseann Reply:

    While there are no absolute cures to cancer yet, there are many ways to treat it. These include medication, chemotherapy, and radiation. Source:

  6. Marisha Reply:

    If scientist already know the cure donate to those “cure for cancer donation funds”? I mean IF COURSE i for cancer should I still feel horrible for people dieing in the hospit

  7. Alysia Reply:

    Then you would just have a slow growing tumor! You would have to stop the uncontrolled dividing of cells, which for now, is done by chemo and radiation! Or you could cut it out!

  8. Eleonora Reply:

    In the future will there be a cure for cancer? There is a cure for cancer right now! Why is there no cure for cancer? The cure for cancer is simply changing your

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