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How does a Dentist Chair Work

You may have such questions as How To Meditate In The Dentist Chair and How Does the Electric Chair Work,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Is The Chair In A Dentist Office Called. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Hydraulics in a Dentist Chair,too. Read more as following:

Are you an aspiring dentist and you want to learn how a dentist chair works? If so, then it’s very easy. The next time you go to the dentist, look at the lever that he pulls to make the chair go up.

How to meditate in the dentist chair?

1. Sit back, relax, close your eyes. You may want to mention to the dentist that you are going to attempt to meditate. This way he'll refrain from asking all kinds of questions you are unable to answer anyway with a drill shoved in your mouth. 2. Pla... More »

How does the Electric Chair Work?

If a prisoner was sent to the electric chair, electrodes are placed on the prisoners legs and head. Electric is then pulsed through the electrodes causing rain and heart failure.... More »

What is the chair in a dentist office called?

A "Dental Chair" Sorry, there isn't a fancy name for it.... More »

What does the dentist chair in nazi zombies do?

to get an achievement, press the action button (or knife on ipod) on the chair. you will hear a dentist drill noise and a scream. ouch. i can only imagine!... More »

How do hydraulic dentist chairs work?

They work just like a hydraulic car jack. Just with a chair on top instead of a car.... More »

What is genre of Dentist in the Chair ?

Comedy... More »


  1. Hannah Sheppy Reply:

    Every contestant had super white teeth. They had to get bleached, or even veneers. Also, Randy Jackson had super white top teeth, and yellow bottom teeth. Does Idol run all the contestants through a dentists chair before they compete?

  2. Kia Reply:

    I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, and I was wondering where are you suppose to look when you’re on the dentists chair. Are you suppose to look at his face? The ceiling? Or should I close my eyes?

  3. Trevor Miller Reply:

    I have to get 4 route canals, and I’m getting fillings done, will it be okay if i whiten my teeth? I don’t wanna ask my dentist, but sitting in the dentist chair, right in front of me there are teeth whitening kits! Please let me know, now that my teeth are getting fixed I just need a white smile!

  4. Zion Reply:

    so that you dont hear of a family of 3 having to pay $20,000 a year for their health insurance premiums or a root canal whee someone is in the dentist chair for about an hour costing $900 or more.

  5. Clare Reply:

    i was playing once and someone had mad music come on by holding square coz i know u can coz u can hold square on the valve of the dentist chair and it makes a driling sound….anyone no anything?

  6. Ava Reply:

    I want to get six top veneers. How many hours should i expect to be in the dentist chair?

  7. Katherine Reply:

    How do you handle the dentist chair?
    I just wonder if there are any other denta-phobes out there?

  8. Jogi Reply:

    I’m a 13 year old girl and I hate the dentist and dentist chair because I was held down in one when I was 7 to get a tooth taken out. What’s can I do to over come my fear?

  9. Sammy Gabbie My Poos! Reply:

    Also, how is the dentist chairs market divided among the brands? How much share does each one of them have?

  10. Bailey Reply:

    I need to make a model of a dentist chair using hydraulics. It doesn’t need to be too big.
    It needs to move in as many ways that it can using hydraulics.

    please help asap :)

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