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How Much Would a Retainer Cost

You may have such questions as How Much Do Retainers Cost and How Much Do Teeth Retainers Cost,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Is a Retainer Fee. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Cost of a New Retainer,too. Read more as following:

A retainer could cost anywhere from one hundred dollars to three hundred dollars. No two retainers are alike, they are made to fit your mouth and your needs. You’ll have to discuss it with your Orthodontist. It’s the labor that cost to make it.

How much do retainers cost?

Depends if you insurance covers it.... More »

How Much do Teeth Retainers Cost?

A typical retainer costs between $500 to $1,000. Some people need two and depending on how many fitting you need and any other special needs you may have, then price can go up.... More »

What is a Retainer Fee?

A retainer fee is monies given to an attorney like a down payment against the cost of your case. It's usually a percentage of what the attorney think the case will cost to prepare for you.... More »

How does a retainer work?

Monthly retainers provide ongoing support up to the number of hours agreed upon.  Hours are billed in 15 minute increments. Retainer fees are required in full and in advance of services; payment is due on or before the 1st of each month. Payments ren... More »

How to estimate the cost of a rock retaining wall?

1. Spray paint the ground to indicate the rock retaining wall's placement. Measure the length and write this down on a piece of paper. Divide the retaining wall's length with the rock's length to determine how many rocks it will take to reach end to... More »

How to figure the cost of a concrete block retaining wall?

1. Calculate the total surface area of the proposed retaining wall by multiplying the wall length by its height. Use your tape measure to obtain these measurements. 2. Divide this number by 1.125. This is the amount of common 8x8x16 concrete block th... More »


  1. Amber Reply:

    An answer from an expert! Thanks for coubtitnring.

  2. Angelskies537 Reply:

    And how much does a retainer cost?

  3. Keine Zeit Reply:

    or does it need an orthodontist? how much does a retainer cost in the philippines?

  4. Isaac Reply:

    I’m getting my braces off soon and I was wondering if my orthodontist would charge me for my retainers. I already paid for the braces $5000 dollars. It doesn’t say on the piece of paper I was given.
    How much do retainers cost? Is there a fee for invisable retainers?

  5. Brad Reply:

    My retainer cracked and i haven’t told my mother yet, and I’m wanting to pay for it myself. So, anyone know how much a retainer costs to replace one?

  6. Tony L Reply:

    How much do retainers cost?

  7. Salocin Reply:

    Well I chipped my tooth about 7 or so years ago and about 3 years ago it came off, and I haven’t went in to get another one put on, how much roughly will it cost?

    And How much do retainers cost (those invisible teeth straighteners)?

    Or does it vary from place to place?

  8. Rfc Reply:

    I lost my bottom retainer last night and I checked everywhere for it, but I can’t find it. I called the dentist and he said the retainers will come in 10 days. How much would the retainer cost (I lost the bottom retainer only) and also will my teeth shift in 10 days.

  9. Hugo Fuentes Reply:

    I am a 22 year old student (soon to be 23). I don’t know if age makes a difference to it, but how much will a retainer cost? I had one before when I was about 13/14 and I now need the same one because my teeth have started to push out again.

  10. Love,nature,fashion,beauty Reply:

    Chartered would be preferable, but certified is fine so long as they are credible and have a good track record.
    How much would annual retainer cost whereby year end accounts and general ongoing advice and VAT returns are managed?

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

  11. Sherroid Reply:

    Im getting my braces off sometime in august and i REALLY dont want the wired retainers. So i was just wondering how much clear retainers cost *My mom doesnt want to spend over $300 on retainers*. And also, which type of retainer would you recommend? thanks!

  12. Theresa C Reply:

    I heard Retainers cost a Few hundred Bucks,
    depending on what the problem is.
    I have this Somewhat large gap in the middle of my teeth,
    and I need retainers, I just don’t know how much they would cost.
    Sorry I cant provide a Picture.

  13. Ladylynn Reply:

    I got my braces off a few yrs ago and wore my retainer all the time. I went to hawaii and lost it there. i have mold from the dentist from about 6 months ago. how much would a new retainer cost?

  14. Yaz Smith Reply:

    I lost my retainers
    Most likely threw them away on accident. My dads all
    Pissed of saying dumb crap he doesn’t he said replaceable retainers cost $2,000 which I’m
    Pretty sure he’s way over price. Does any one know how much do replaceable retainers cost in California.

  15. Ashkan, J. Reply:

    I have mostly perfect teeth except for two on top. These teeth are on each side of my front two. They just stick out a little. How much would a retainer cost?

  16. Distorted Reply:

    How much does a retainer cost?
    I lost one and my orthodontist says it costs 270 dollars.
    I really dont think it costs that much since its just a plastic..
    okay, then, how does it NORMALLY cost?

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