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Why do I Spit Blood

You may have such questions as What Cause You To Spit Blood and What Is Spitting Up Blood Called,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Lizard Can Spit Blood From The Eye. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Medical Symptoms for Spitting up Blood,too. Read more as following:

Spitting blood while brushing your teeth can be a sign of ginigivitis. It also can be a sign that your tooth brush it too hard on your gums. If you are spitting blood without brushing your teeth, be sure to check if you have bit your tongue, cheek or lip.

What cause you to spit blood?

tuberculoses and lung rupture make you cough blood, but pretty much anything that causes you to bleed inside your mouth can cause you to spit blood.... More »

What is spitting up blood called?

Hemoptysis.... More »

What lizard can spit blood from the eye?

the horned lizard... More »

What is the condition of coughing or spitting up blood called?

Hemoptysis is the medical term for coughing up blood. It is a symptom of a disease, and not a disease in and of itself. It can be a sign of lung cancer, tuberculosis, a nosebleed that has dripped down into the throat, or a variety of other conditions... More »

How does gene simmons spit blood?

Gene Simmons spits blood by a tube they slide through his costume.... More »

What kind of disease if a person spit blood?

Could be several. Lung cancer is one. However, tuberculosis is probably most likely as it causes the rupture of blood vessels in the lungs, therefore, spitting up blood.... More »


  1. Person Reply:

    A WWE wrestler cancelled one of his dates for personal reasons concerning that his family was spitting up blood.

  2. Hunter Reply:

    i had a moral tooth extraction around 3 hours ago but im still spitting blood.. when is it going to stop??
    also i only had 2 pieces of toast since morning.. am i gonna be able to eat soon enough or should i just die and wait till tomorro morning? 😛

  3. Bilal Reply:

    I spit blood everytime I spit the mucusy stuff in my throat. The Blood is dark red. My rib hurts like under my heart.

  4. Catgirl Reply:

    She(age 50,weight 48kg,height 5’2”)spits blood while coughing during rainy or winter seasons for the last 3-4 years?She is a housewife in a middleclass family & has to do all household works What can be the possible causes & what tests should be done to diagnose her problem?

  5. Jagdeep Reply:

    I just woke up from sleeping, and I felt like I had one of those globs of stuff in my throat, and so i hacked it up, but I was spitting up blood. My throat is extremely sore also. I know the sore throat is from the Mono and stuff, but is it normal to spit up blood?

  6. Arc Reply:

    I’m 18 and healthy. For the past few days I’ve been having stomach pain, mostly in my lower stomach with a bubbly feeling. This morning I woke up and spit blood in the sink, it only happened this morning, I spit 3 times and until my mouth went dry.
    I have a slight burning sensation in my chest.

  7. Rubens Gates Reply:

    I want to know how to spit blood at someone and make it look like an accident.

  8. Ry Hryshchuk Reply:

    I’m 16 and never knew this was a problem until I saw an advert saying spitting blood out when brushing your teeth is the start of gum disease. I don’t always brush my teeth twice a day but how do I stop the blood coming out?

  9. Jamie Reply:

    Every morning i wake up with a stuffy nose which clears when i spit out the mucous blocking it in the shower. Today instead of mucous i spit blood though! Should i be concerned?

  10. Ameya Reply:

    Hi. I have an ear infection but I think a HIV ppositive I know of, has spit blood in my ear without me noticing. I am worried-can you tell me what is my risk if a drop of her blood got in the inside of my ear-will I contract HIV in this way?

  11. Cutie Pie Reply:

    I’m 24 and would like to smoke as many ciggeretts a day as to be spitting blood after a short while?
    True I do want to do it.don’t bother making fun of me.I do know it’s rediculous.Don’t care.Don’t say things like don’t do it and shit like that plz just answer my question if u know the answer

  12. Cameron Reply:

    What is actually happening in their bodies that make them spit blood even if they only have an external injury?

  13. Dewdrop Reply:

    I´ve been spitting blood in the morning for about 2-3 months. Its only in the morning after and my spit throughtout the day is normal. What homeopathic medecine can i take for this.

  14. Gargar Reply:

    what does it mean when you throw up blood and spit blood and feel dizzy. It comes and goes and sometimes bleed from the butt. what can that be?

  15. Carlos Reply:

    My friend can spit blood and he doesn’t have any cuts in his mouth and i was wondering what it could be.

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