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How do You Calculate Bmi for Children

You may have such questions as How To Calculate Bmi For Children and How To Calculate Childrens Calorie Quota According To Their Bmi,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Is Bmi Calculated. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to BMI Calculator for Kids,too. Read more as following:

Calculating BMI for children is the same as calculating BMI for adults. BMI is the weight pounds divided by your height multiplied by itself multiplied by 703.

How to calculate bmi for children?

1. Weigh your child using the bathroom scale. Record the number. Ensure the recorded weight is accurate by removing any heavy articles of clothing and shoes before weighing your child. 2. Measure your child's height using the ruler. Record the number... More »

How to calculate children's calorie quota according to their bmi?

1. Measure a child's height and weight. These measurements need to be precise to ensure that the BMI reading is accurate. 2. Multiply the child's weight in pounds by 703. For example, for a 65 lb. child, this sum would be 45,695. Record this number o... More »

How is Bmi Calculated?

Your BMI is calculated as follows: BMI=(weight in lbs*703)/(height in inches^2) <br/><br/>(weight in pounds multiplied by 703) divided by (height in inches squared)... More »

How to Calculate Your BMI

If you have ever been overweight, even if you haven't, you are undoubtedly familiar with the term body mass index, or BMI. Also known as the Quetelet index, it was invented in the 19th century by a Belgian mathematician named Adolphe Quetelet, and ha... More »

How to Calculate my Bmi?

Calucate your BMI by weighing yourself, then measuring your height in inches. Square the number of inches (multiply the number of inches by the same number). Divide your weight by the number squared. Multiply that number by 703. The answer is your BM... More »

What is a good children's BMI calculator website?

dont listen to bmi charts. there bogus. boloni. rubbish. just eat right and get exercize and pretty soon itl be a routine, not a weight loss attempt.... More »


  1. Rawr Reply:

    Im going to preseason for soccer in college in a few days. I have been doing alot of training and stuff like that. However I would like to improve my diet now and while I am there. What are the best foods I can eat to make me have more energy and stuff like that? Thanks!

  2. Gabi Roe Reply:

    Because when I calculate my bmi on a regular bmi calculator for adults it says underweight weight. But when I do it on the CDC one specifically for children and teenagers, it says I have a normal BMI.


  3. Jen Reply:

    me and my husband are trying to concieve and are having promblems but I read that it is hard to concieve when you have sex on a daily bases PLEASE help I want to have a child so bad it hurts does anyone have any suggestions on how, what and anything that would me out

  4. Lisa Reply:

    It’s for my project on childhood obesity. I also need any other suggestions for games or handouts 2 get the class and teacher involved in project.

  5. Pops Reply:

    I know there are websites where you can look up the glycemic index of various foods. I want to know how they come up with that number.

  6. Troy Flowers Reply:

    I am looking for a free program, either download or online that can help me easily and quickly calculate my calorie intake on a daily basis. I have tried keeping a journal on my own, but I usually don’t do good on keeping it accurate or doing it every day.

  7. Sunny Reply:

    What is the difference between calculating BMI for adults and for children/teens? Why is it calculated differently? 10 points for best answer! thanks

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