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How do You Figure Your Bmi

You may have such questions as How To Figure Bmi and How To Figure Bmi For Adults,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Do I Figure My Bmi. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Height Weight Age Calculator,too. Read more as following:

To figure your body mass index (BMI), perform the following calculation: Square your height in inches and divide your weight by that number, then multiply by 703. The total is your BMI.

How to Figure Bmi?

To figure out or calculate your BMI. You weight ( in kilograms) / {your height (in meters) * your height (in meters)} = Your body mass index.... More »

How to figure bmi for adults?

1. Get someone to help you measure your height with a yardstick. Record your height in inches. 2. Weigh yourself and record your weight in pounds. 3. Square your weight in inches (multiply weight in inches by weight in inches) Write down the number.... More »

How do I Figure my Bmi?

Below is a website that you can click on to help you figure out your bmi. Go to this website and type in your height, and weight. Press the word go and it will do it for you. More »

How to figure bmi body mass index?

1. First you will need to know what your height is in inches. This is quite simple, just take your height and multiply it by 12 and add the inches. For example if your 6'2'', take 6 feet times 12 which is 72. Then add the 2 extra inches which is 74 i... More »

What was the formula for figuring BMI?

BMI(kg/m)= (weight in pounds x 703) / height in inches^2 (squared). There ...... More »

What is the calculation to figure BMI?

The formula for calculating BMI is BMI = weight(KG) / height (m) 2. There's a g...... More »


  1. Aaron H Reply:

    For my math assignment, I have 4 sporting teams (2 male, 2 female) that had to figure out their BMIs, and I now I have to put this data into three different graphs. How do I do that?

  2. Robert Perez Reply:

    I know it stands for Body Mass Index, but what is it? Like what does it tell you? Like i know there’s websites to tell you what your BMI is, but why do you need to know what is? Lol im completely confused on what it is. Ha ha, help me !

    Thanks (:

  3. Mr. G Reply:

    I’m 5’11” if someone could tell me how to figure out my ideal weight, because i know at this point im overweight and i want to figure out my ideal weight so i can start a plan

  4. Stu Reply:

    I know i figure out how many i burned but do i add in my resting metabolism rate? Or the calories my body would burn when im not exercising?

  5. Jignesh Reply:

    I need to put on a bit of weight and i want to go the healthy route. Someone told me determine out how many calories i should take by figuring out how much i weigh my height etc. i know all this but how do i work out the calories from that information?

  6. Kitty Reply:

    i’m 14, 5 5″, 121 pounds. i’m not gonna measure my stomach and chest just figure it out please.

  7. Karen B Reply:

    i am 5ft 7in and 135 lb and my bmi is 21.1, is that normal? do you think i can wear a bikini even though that is my weight? what is your height weight and bmi? do you wear a bikini? swimsuit season is coming and i dont know whether i should go for bikinis or tankinis, thanks!

  8. Jason Reply:

    I’m not really “chubby”, but I’m definitely not slim. My main problem is around my hips and legs (but mainly my legs – they’re very muscular and short). My BMI is 23.5. What can I wear to make my legs look slimmer when it’s like 35 degrees C outside?

  9. Tiffany Reply:

    My mate just asked me my bmi how do i find out ?

  10. Justin Reply:

    Hey, i am 13 and i was wondering if there is anyway to figure out what your body fat percentage is without having to go to the doctors. i dont have a doctors appointment for a WHILE, and i am curious!
    thanks for your answers!

  11. Eric Reply:

    im 5’3 and 12st5lbs if that helps at all to figure it out my bmi is 31 i need to get to 28.

  12. Paloma Reply:

    I weighed myself with clothes on (no shoes) and I want to figure out my BMI which is supposed to be measured with no clothes on.
    I’m in college so I have to weigh myself at the gym… I’m guessing taking my clothes off wouldn’t work too well :)

  13. Mog Reply:

    I am a 6′, 180lb man. I was just wondering where to figure out ones bmi ( body mass index)

  14. Mark Anthony Reply:

    I have a curvy figure (healthy bmi, but I’m not stick thin), but i’d like to get a little fitter as I don’t think I do enough exercise. What exercises can I do to help me get fitter without losing my curves?
    Its not that I want to lose WEIGHT its that I want to adopt a more healthy lifestyle.

  15. Peggy Reply:

    I figure from a BMI chart that I saw earlier that I have about 70 lbs to lose. I would like to lose this and get in shape for my gf but I never seem to have the energy or motivation to do anything about it. Can anyone tell me how they get motivated?

  16. Peterson Trevon Reply:

    I figure the BMI calculator does not take into consideration your frame size, any ideas how to tell what it is?

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