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Why does my eyelid sometimes have a fold and other times not?

Epicanthic-like folds appearing on individuals from ethnic groups that do not traditionally display the characteristic can be a sign of a number of disorders! If you think you might have this type of problem see your doctor! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Victor Reply:

    A lens can curl up and lodge itself deep in the upper lid. get, the more likely it is that I will rub my eyes and one will get stuck folded up under my upper eyelid. Source:

  2. Mollie Reply:

    The crease of my left eye changes a lot. Sometimes it looks Is it because my eyelids have too much fat (even though I’m not fat at all) or something? I’ve never had I didn’t know that so many other asian girls had this problem. I get this all crease. Sometimes I have to do this several times before it stays.

  3. Emerald Reply:

    It’s actually to regulate the temperature for sperm production. HAWT DAWG Source:

  4. Marg Reply:

    Water is never a mineral. There are mineral deposits present in tap water that are really charged ions (like Ca2+, Mg2+, Cl-, Na+) which, when the water evaporates, they crystallize and form mineral deposits. Source:

  5. Simona Reply:

    Could be a combination of 3 diferent things. It could be the ignition module, which have been known to work, and then die when they get hot. Could also be a Crank Position Sensor. On the 2.8/3.1 motors are known to go bad. Typically, they d… Source:

  6. Magali Reply:

    How many creases do you get? I would like to know when you fold a piece of paper 4 times, 5 times, 10 times and 20 times the pattern like this No of folds…………….No o

  7. Marguerite Reply:

    It might be something like a twitch, or the eyelid is getting trapped on the way to close! I cant find any information! Make a note of it, and the next time, you go for a physical, ask the doctor! If you dont make a note, you might forget! But accumulate all the questions, so when asked, you have a list ready! Or, call to ask if this is something about which to seek treatment!

  8. Krissy Reply:

    My Reaction to My Son's Down Syndrome Diagnosis – Martha Beck's Story may have broad, flat faces; up-slanted eyes, sometimes with epicanthal folds . By the time the woman is age 35, the risk increases to one in 400; by age 40 the risk . ( A carrier carries the genetic defect but does not actually have the disorder.)

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