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Is there a stomach virus going around right now?

I don’t know about a stomach virus but the swine flu is all over the internet! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. brenda Reply:

    Norovirus. Swine flu. Meningitis.

  2. Lannie Reply:

    There is a virus going around the office as usual. You know you will get it sooner as "disgusting." The illness will soon run its course, but you want it gone now. Source:

  3. Gita Reply:

    Oh gosh yes! I just got over it. I gave it to my dad as well and my mom has it too. I was throwing up for 2 days straight, my muscles were achey and my temp was 102! feel better EDIT::: to Cierra, stomach flus have nothing to do w/cold and

  4. Ellena Reply:

    There are ALWAYS viruses going around – it really doesn’t matter what the name of the virus might be. You treat the symptoms until you are well. Most viruses take 10-14 days to resolve as your body heals itself. Source(s): Health care provi… Source:

  5. Altha Reply:

    There are lots of viruses going around right now, so it’s hard to tell.Follow the guidelines of rest, lots of fluids, and tylenol. Source:

  6. Jackqueline Reply:

    depends on what virus Source:

  7. Juli Reply:

    Two weeks ago i came down bowels are still back and with the stomach virus after better but i am still about two days i felt getting mild stomachs and my forth. is this normal

  8. Maragaret Reply:

    there are stomach viruses going around all the time

  9. Irina Reply:

    Is there a stomach bug going around now? What virus is going around right now? the stomach bug is when you keep throwing up. if you have it stay out of

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