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How do I Persuade to Donate Organs

You may have such questions as How To Persuade Organ Donation and How To Persuade People To Donate Their Organs,or you may also seek several helpful information about Why People Choose Not to Donate Their Organs. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Convince People to Donate Organs,too. Read more as following:

If someone is not an organ donor, you can persuade them to become one by sharing the positive effects with them. Some simply may not budge due to the fact that they are not comfortable with it.

How to persuade organ donation?

1. Prepare informational literature that openly discusses organ donation in a way that is easy to understand. Many people are not comfortable with the idea that they or their loved one will have organs removed before burial or they may have suspicion... More »

How to Persuade People to Donate Their Organs

Persuading people to donate their organs can be a difficult task. There are many different viewpoints concerning organ donation, but the fact remains that organ donations can save lives that may otherwise be lost. According to the United Network for... More »

What is organ donation?

Becoming an organ donor means donating your organs after your death to someone who desperately needs them to survive. Thinking about when you pop your clogs may seem a tad depressing, but signing up to donate your organs is the greatest gift you can... More »

Why is Organ Donation Important?

If, god forbid, you ever find yourself in need of a kidney, I guess you'll understand how important it is. Every organ in our body can be transplanted. You can't use it after you're gone-why not give it to someone who needs it?... More »

Why is It Important to Donate Organs?

Donateing your organs is important because it might save someone else's loved one, you can help someone else live a healthy longer life. You will be giving the gift of life after your death.... More »


  1. Hugo96 Reply:

    Hi guys,

    I do really want to donate my organs or bone marrow to those who need but my conservative parents strongly object me to do so.How can I persuade them?? Understandably, they don’t want me to do so because they do love me.

    Thanks a lot for your kind atteniton.
    Best Regards/Jessica

  2. Ashleymh2009 Reply:

    If you don’t donate your organs what happens to them?? Do they bury/cremate you with them?? dont try to persuade me to donate i will donate and im only 12. I am doing a persusive essay and need to know the opposing view. Thanks

  3. Rowan Reply:

    If you don’t donate your organs what happens to them?? Do they bury/cremate you with them?? dont try to persuade me to donate i will donate and im only 12. I am doing a persusive essay and need to know the opposing view. Thanks

  4. Angelic Reply:

    Do you plan on Donating your organs when you Pass Away? Tell me why or why not also please give me good reasons for your point. Also would you give away any of your organs when your still living?

  5. Axiom Reply:

    and can you die if you do?
    im doing a speech about organ donation a persuasive technique and my teacher said to go against it.. so you can learn how to persuade people

    thanksss :]

  6. The Lesser Child Reply:

    what are 3 arguments against organ donations?

    I am doing a persuasive speech to persuade people to donate their organs if they were to unfortunately die and I need three arguments against organ donations to prove them wrong or change the readers mind.

    thank you :)

  7. Bala Reply:

    I’m going to make a speech to persuade my audience to donate,i wan to know what will attract them to donate organ.

  8. Tlb2805 Reply:

    can you think of any?
    i’m writing a speech.
    i’m in Australia so you can’t get paid for it.
    also, organ donation if you’ve got any bright ideas?

  9. Night Crawler Reply:

    For homework I have to write a persuasive speech, it doesn’t have to be funny but most people make up funny stuff. It can be about about anything, I’m asking for some suggestions and tips on how to write it properly, thanks:)

  10. Maha Reply:

    I am doing a speech paper about organ donation. It is a persuasive speech and i am trying to persuade people to become organ donors. If you have ever received an organ or donated one, I would love to hear your story. Thanks so much!

  11. Natalie_green Reply:

    At this moment, I am having a writer block. I have already wrote everything in my introduction expect for my thesis.

    Also, in this persuasive speech essay, I am trying to persuade the people to donate their organs for medical usage.

    So, help please???

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