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How do Steroids Affect the Brain

You may have such questions as How Do Steroids Affect the Human Body and What Are The Side Affects Of Steroids,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Does Steroids Affect Your Brain. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to How Do Steroids Affect the Muscular System,too. Read more as following:

Steroids affect the body both physically and mentally. One of the most common side effects is increased aggressiveness. They may also cause impatience and agitation.

How do steroids affect the human body?

steroids are drugs with many dangerous side effects, The phsycological effects are, edginess, impatience, paranoid feelings, severe mood swings including, depression, obsession with body image, having to work out, and food. angry and violent outburst... More »

What are the Side Affects of Steroids?

Side effects of steroids include:the inhibition of natural hormone production in the body, water retention, unmanageable acne, and hypertension.... More »

How does steroids affect your brain?

Everything that you ingest affect your brain, your mind, on different manners. But this doesn't mean that all you ingest causes a bad effect in your brain. Usually, all that is not natural may cause a malfunction in your brain. In other words, you be... More »

How do Steroids Affect the Body?

Steroids affect the body by helping to increase muscle mass. It can also have negative effects on the body by changing personalities and shrinking testicles. You should never use steroids without permission from your doctor.... More »

How Marijuana Affects the Brain?

In studies that have been done with people who smoke marijuana have been very interesting. Marijuana effects the short term memory in a person. The chemical THC in the marijuanan blocks some of the senses in the brain. It can affect your motor skills... More »

How Music Affects the Brain?

Music has been shown to affect many aspects of the brain, and the main aspect is ones emotions. It can help with depression, and anxiety.... More »


  1. Nila Reply:

    Or if you just know an odd or wacky cancer altogether post it…
    Also if you do know of one can you give me a site or something on it?
    And please feel free to add in w/e you know about it…

  2. Let.thedeadburytheirown Reply:

    I am taking steroids for a week to regulate my asthma. No matter how much I eat or drink I can’t seem to be satisfied. Is that why?

  3. Dylan Reply:

    Like, why do muscles become flabby after steroids wear off, and heart problems and smaller balls? And why do they cause you’re muscles to over inflate while on them?

    (No, I’m not looking into steroids, just curious)

  4. Shortee48 Reply:
  5. Who Farted Reply:

    I’m considering taking a small amount so it can help me build a little muscle mass. I don’t wanna be a body builder. I want to just go from being slightly under weight to a normal weight.

  6. Violator Reply:

    All you ever hear is people take steroids to build bigger muscles faster, but they have LOADS of side affects and arent healthy at all.
    If they arent healthy then why are they actually for sale?

  7. Sherroid Reply:

    could this affect the patient’s personality?
    Thanks for answers so far; one more question…would someone with this osteoporosis, whose life was painful, fit the criteria for receiving assisted suicide?

  8. Darach Reply:

    I want to know, how to eat for inflammation and pain reduction.
    I am sick of steroids and pain meds.
    Please give me other healthy solutions.

  9. Kristi D Reply:

    I saw in my research that many wrestlers die because of suicide. Is this because of their intake of steroids everytime they perform wrestling?

  10. Yeisen Reply:

    I am planning to use one but my friends said that these affect the brain. How true is it?

  11. Violator Reply:

    I’ve been given a topic for my social studies class concerning How Steroids affect our society.

    Umm can you guys help me?

    Why is this important? How might it affect our society or me? What are the long-term effects on my family and friends? Is it good or bad?

    please Help thanks !

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