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How does the Skeletal System Move

You may have such questions as How Does the Skeletal System Work and What Is the Purpose of the Skeletal System,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Enables The Skeletal System Moves. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Interesting Facts about the Skeletal System,too. Read more as following:

According to my doctor the skeletal system moves when the muscles connected to the bones contract. Electrical impulses are sent from the brain to the muscles. The muscles contract and pull the bones, and the bones move at the joints.

How does the skeletal system work?

The skeletal system works to support your body. Without your skeletal frame, you would be unable to move. Humans are vertebrates, meaning we have bony, articulated (jointed) endoskeletons. An endoskeleton is a frame within the body that offers suppor... More »

What is the purpose of the skeletal system?

The skeletal system provides protection to our inner, soft organs such as the heart, liver and lungs. It also provides support and shape to our body, and preventing us from having to change shape.... More »

What enables the skeletal system moves?

The muscles.... More »

How the skeletal system in able as to move?

The skeletal system can move because of two main parts. Joints and muscles. Muscles work in pairs. While one muscle contracts, the other relaxes. You can see this by moving your arm up and down. Hold your muscle. You can feel the top contract and the... More »

What Organs are in the Skeletal System?

The skeletal system does not have any organs. It does support the body and skin, while protecting some organs. Bone marrow produces blood cells, and the bones also store minerals. Muscles and other connective tissue are attached to bones as well.... More »

What is Skeletal System?

The skeletal system is the bones in your body. It is comprised of 206 bones. The skeletal system protects are internal organs as well as helps us to stay upright.... More »


  1. Dolly Reply:

    Example: The muscular system works with the skeletal system to produce voluntary movement.

  2. Jill Gardner Reply:

    My question is how do the Muscular System and the Skeletal system work together to move your thumb?

  3. Johnny Bravo Reply:

    Okay so my health teacher gave me a project on the skeletal system (so high school). It has to be creative and I don’t have any idea. So it’s a creative, health, skeletal system project. Please help me!

  4. Bob Reply:

    Respiratory System, Nervous System, Circulatory System, Digestive System, Endocrine System, Immune system, Skeletal System, and last but not least, the Muscular System. Please answer in English. I don’t want any fancy doctor terms I can’t understand.

  5. Ladylynn Reply:

    I’m not doin hw but since the lymph system doesn’t have a pump, how do the lymphatic system move properly? What are some side effects of clogged lymphs an what are some things to move the lymphs? I do rebounding often

  6. Twiggjosh Reply:

    Science stuff
    I need it in the terms of the muscular and skeletal system( Biceps contract your arm moves and stuff)
    Thank you

  7. Leila Reply:

    What are 5 functions of the skeletal system?

  8. One Lost In The Crowd. Reply:

    i have a 72pt test on body systems and would like to make sure i have good solid answers on my study guide and have been searching..any help? ex-Skeletal System works with Muscular, the bones move at the joints
    Thank you!

  9. Kareem Doctor Reply:

    I have this spring break packet that tells me to write a 3 page essay on the muscular and skeletal system! Can someone please answer this question by Friday because I need it by Monday and I’m busy this weekend!

  10. Bunnylover99999999 Reply:

    I want to know the following:
    major parts of the skeletal system
    the functions of the skeletal system

  11. Reply:

    Q: The two major types of tissue of the skeletal system are _______ and _______.

  12. Perry Reply:

    I need to write a 200 word paragraph on the importance of the skeletal system or tissues of the body. I need lots of ideas.
    I know this is an easy topic, its just that my book only gives a paragraph about it. This has to be in my words. PS thanks for answering everyone.

  13. Omg Dogs Rock Reply:

    What are they? and also

    What are the two division of the skeletal system?

    i got all 33 questions but dont know these 2.

  14. The Teacher Reply:

    And also, what other functions does the skeletal system do for humans?

  15. Ghazal Bayat Reply:

    please help me out
    how does the muscular work with the nervous? muscular with skeletal system? nervous with skeletal? and all together please help me out i need help with my project? and can you please make it simple

  16. Ivy Has Twin Boys! Reply:

    Also how is the Muscular System, Skeletal System, Digestive System, Nervous System involved in getting energy to sit through class by eating cereal and a banana?

    Please help. Best Answer will be awarded!

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