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How has Cell Phones Affected Society

You may have such questions as How Did Cell Phones Have A Bad Affect On Society and How Have Cell Phones Changed Our Society,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Do Cell Phones Affect People. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Impact of Cell Phones on Society,too. Read more as following:

Cell phones have affected society in several ways. One it has made us more reachable, since most of us have cell phones now. They have also depersonalized how we interact with each other. We will text someone now rather than talk to them.

How did cell phones have a bad affect on society?

People no longer need to know anyones number. They can just look it up in their phone and texting causes health problems. People have become addicted to using their cell phones no just for talking but for the games and music and pictures too.... More »

How have cell phones changed our society?

Perhaps you have had one of those moments when you look around in a crowded public place and it seems that everyone is either talking or tapping a message on a cellphone. Older individuals might wonder how things ever became this way, but for younger... More »

How do cell phones affect people?

These days, cell phones are as common a sight as the local supermarket or gas station. Rutgers University communications professor James Katz states, "In the United States, 66% of the population owns a cell phone: U.S. population stands at 297 millio... More »

How have cell phones affected our lives?

Cell phones have caused an increase in safety. In the past, many people involved in car accidents used to die before reaching the hospital because of a considerable lapse in time. However, cell phones are owned by most people, and a simple 911 call f... More »

How cell phones affect our lives?

Perhaps the greatest advantage of having a cell phone is the safety that they can bring. Have you ever been stranded on the side of the road with car trouble or lost in the middle of the night? Thanks to the cell phone, this no longer has to be a maj... More »

How can cell phones affect our health?

The potential risks from cell phones, depending on whom you speak to, range from cancer to tumors to radiation sickness. An article by Dan Childs of the ABC News Medical Unit reported that some people believe cell phone use by pregnant women makes th... More »


  1. Horseygirl68 Reply:

    how? and disadvantages?

  2. Lorena Cuahutle Reply:

    optional question for AP world

  3. Aanya M Reply:

    How and why did it affect society?

  4. Manasa Reply:

    Since we heavily rely on technology today, do you think it would greatly affect us if it just disappeared ?

  5. Shannon Callah Reply:
  6. Alan Reply:

    I need help with starting my 10 pg research paper on Tele communications: From Telegraphs to Cellphones. I’m starting by explaining how people lives of today are affected by cellphones.

  7. Jepic Reply:

    I was hoping by the year of 2010 we would have jetpacks and flying cars. How dissapointed I am. At least we have the internet and I’m typing this from my cell phone. I would like to know: is technology at all slowing down and where would we be by the year 2062?

  8. Leec Reply:

    for me, its using cell phones in the library. That just shows a great lack of respect

  9. Anna Reply:
  10. Miranda C Reply:
  11. Makayla Reply:

    How does video conferencing affect society?
    I need to write a paper about this and the only thing I found is how video conferencing works.Can someone explain the ways, video conferencing affects the society? If anyone could send me related article links , would be very helpful. Thanks

  12. Obamao Reply:

    I need positive and negative affects of cell phone usage.

  13. Sreekesh Reply:

    I’m doing a paper on cell phones and their affect on society and was wondering if anyone knew any information on what has come out since then

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