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how is marijuana produced

You may have such questions as How Is Marijuana Made and How Is Marijuana Bad for You,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Is In Marijuana. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Facts about Marijuana,too. Read more as following:

After the marijuana is grown you hang it upside down to dry out in a dark room for about a week and then trim the buds from the stem. After that you have the marijuana that you see sold and smoked.

How is Marijuana Made?

Marijuana is made from the dried flowers of a female Cannabis plant. However, you should be aware that using Marijuana is currently illegal in most states.... More »

How is Marijuana Bad for You?

Marijuana is bad for you because it is a drug that alters your state of mind. It is also hard on your lungs because of the THC. And marijuana leads a lot of people to other drugs.... More »

What is in Marijuana?

Marijuana is a medical cure or a drug, depending on your stance, that can be smoked or eaten. Marijuana is also known by many other names such as pot, weed, or cannabis.... More »

How is marijuana used?

Most users roll loose marijuana into a cigarette (called a joint or a nail) or smoke it in a pipe. One well-known type of water pipe is the bong. Some users mix marijuana into foods or use it to brew a tea. Another method is to slice open a cigar and... More »

How is Marijuana Taken?

Marijuana is typically smoked or cooked into some type of food and eaten. However, you should take note that the use of marijuana is illegal in most states.... More »

What in Marijuana?

Marijuana has many ingredients. It will depend on how it is grown, since some will have the chemicals from the fertilizer in it as well. The high comes from the THC that is found in the plant.... More »


  1. Katherine Reply:

    I saw a study by a university in Canada with rats were the marijuana actually produced more brain cells in the rat’s brains.

  2. Aerianna Reply:

    I was just studying on marijuana plants for a class and want to know if it is only female plants you can smoke from?

  3. Lol Haha Reply:

    What is the purpose of the cannabis plant producing the actual flower? it is too sticky for the insects to land on… possibly to deter insects?
    or possibly to add nutrients to the seed? also the purpose of THC and other cannibinoids?

  4. Midnight Reply:

    This is hypothetical. Is it possible to genetically modify a Marijuana seed to produce 2x more marijuana 3x as fast? Any plant really.

  5. Ashraf Reply:

    Just wondering if smoking marijuana could result in having low energy, nausea, and/or migraine headaches. Any information will be great! Thanks!

  6. Jay Reply:

    and is that why being high feels so much like you’re in a dream?

    i thought i heard that somewhere before, that thc produces the same chemicals that cause you to dream, and that’s why being high feels the way it does.

  7. George Reply:

    ive always wondered, do marijuana plnats produce a smell when they are growing? or is that only when they are smoked?

  8. Loveeee Reply:

    What do male marijuana plants produce? And which plants produce seeds please give details!

  9. Brooks Reply:

    Trying do decide what type of strain I want to grow.
    What strain produces most and best/strongest bud?

  10. Nonofyourbussiness Reply:

    I understand that hashish is just the pure resin of the cannabis plant, so it’s much stronger than marijuana. I guess my real question is, since they both come from the same plant, why is marijuana only produced in America/Mexico but hashish is only produced in the Middle East/ North Africa?

  11. Marialourdes.ojeda Reply:

    when a marijuana plant produces its fruit, does the hole plant die are can the plant keep producing from the same stock, like a fruit tree.

  12. Roxi Reply:

    how much marijuana can a fully mature marijuana plant produce?

    how much does each plant produce on average?

  13. Kylaaaa Reply:

    Can medical marijuana be produced without interference and regulation by State government or is licensing required?

  14. Liam Reply:

    Iv’e seen plants many times b4, but one of these plants has a nice little yellow flower coming out of it, is this possible?Other then this 1 flower out of 30 plants they all loook just like marijuana.Can marijuana produce such a thing?
    not buds, an actual little yellow flower with pedals,

  15. Yourfaith Reply:

    I read somewhere that it is true. Even though burning marijuana produces more tar than a cigarette, some chemical, THC or other, allows the airways to breathe out this tar more easily? Can anyone locate a site where this is said?

  16. Madison Reply:

    Marijuana produced in the US?
    Cocaine produced in the US?
    Heroin produced in the US?

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