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How Many Americans Use Drugs

You may have such questions as How Many People Use Illegal Drugs and What Percentage of Americans Use Drugs,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Many Americans Suffer From Drug Addiction. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Drug Use Statistics,too. Read more as following:

The number I am going to give as far as how many Americans use drugs will be extremely low. The claim is that 35 million Americans have used drugs at some point. The problem is that most people do not admit to using drugs nor do they admit to illegal activities so the number is actually and realistically twice that amount.

How Many People Use Illegal Drugs?

Cigarettes are the most addicting drug in the world. 74 percent of people in the US smoke tobacco. Illegal drug us is at 14 percent of the population and continues to increase. For more information, look here: ... More »

What percentage of Americans use drugs?

For 'illegal drug use' I'd say we American's like da drugs, at least 33% of poplulation take illegal (nonprescription) everyday. If you count all the prescribed drugs also that doctors give out, then I'd say your talking about 70%.... More »

How many americans suffer from drug addiction?

Cigarettes top the charts in addictive quality. Heroin is usually tied or a close second. The most physically addictive substances are: nicotine, caffeine, heroin, cocaine, alcohol, meth-amphetamine (crystal meth), crack-cocaine, pain relievers like... More »

What percentage of americans smoke pot?

A small minority of Americans- (<1%) smoke marijuana on a daily basis. An even...... More »

What are the leading causes of drug abuse among americans?

According to, two-thirds of drug treatment patients report having been abused during childhood. Sexual, physical and emotional abuse and neglect all contribute to the overall outcome of drug abuse and addiction. While researchers aren't certa... More »

Why do Americans love their recreational drugs?

Lots of reasons, Here's the top three (in my perspective) Ennui. A lot of American's lives are very boring, tedious, and offer very little extreme emotions. There's no hyper excitement or adrenaline rushing danger. Drugs are thrilling. Uppers, downer... More »


  1. Curlyqsbabe Reply:

    AIDS drugs can extend a life span. Their high cost puts them out of reach of most developing countries, which urgently need them.

  2. Nymeria88 Reply:

    Do they like to ignore that this country is the Number 1 consumer of those substanses?
    If the American drug consumers stop buying them, then the mexican mafia will run out of business,
    don’t you think so?
    No white, black, or latino is forced to buy them in the majority of the cases, right?

  3. Steve Reply:

    On the documentary “American Drug War”, the credits have this song of little George Bush clips and he’s rapping. What is it?

  4. Cj Reply:

    Central and South America, but when it comes to passing regulations that would require American Drug Companies to limit distribution of drugs like Oxycodeine and Vicodin suddenly they claim there’s nothing the government can do and we shouldn’t even bother?

  5. Archenemy Reply:

    It has a strong history, but if it were a recent discovery in today’s american drug war, would it be classified as a schedule 1 drug?

  6. Jagdeep Reply:

    Im trying to find the actors who played the native american drug dealers in that movie which had hayden panitiere (idk if that is spelled correctly)

  7. Elliot Reply:

    I have a bottle of American prescription drugs that will need to be refilled in a couple weeks. How do I get it refilled while in Tokyo? The pharmacy has made it very clear to me that they can not do it.

  8. Joy Reply:

    Particularly in regards to the South-American drug trade and the Middle East/Asia drug trade.

  9. Madi Critchfield Reply:

    I have a nine page paper over the North American drug trade and need help finding information on the topic.

    Can someone recommend resources that I could use to find information and statistics on this topic?

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